Disc Blades from the Foundry to the Farm at LAMMA 24

Since 1881 Forges De Niaux from France have been making and supplying quality Disc Blades to OEM’s and Farmers.

The first traces of activity on their french industrial site date back to the 19th century. With abundant wood, water and iron, the Vicdessos valley was an ideal location for forging activities. The production process used at this time was the so-called “forge à la catalane”.  By 1945 and the end of the second World War the Marshall Plan brought American farming techniques to Europe. As disk ploughs were being introduced in Europe, Forges de Niaux started to specialise in disk blade manufacturing. In 1985 the Niaux 160 quality was introduced.  The use of boron steel allowed Forges De Niaux to bring the hardness level to 160 kg/mm². The Niaux 160 boosted the international development of Forges de Niaux. Then in 2009 there was the launch on the Niaux 200 quality, a landmark year for Forges de Niaux making them the leading global disk blade manufacture. The patented Niaux technology fixed a new quality standard with an evolutive hardness of up to 200kg/mm². The Niaux 200 disk blades became the disk blades with the best lifespan on the market and still are.

Today’s Technological transformation over recent years has transformed the company: Robotisation of processes, continued R and D and the creation of a modern and integrated information system have all led to Forge De Niaux being the global leader in the manufacture of Disc Blades.

The Forge De Niaux philosophy has always been to create value by improving the performances of wear parts and this is now available to UK farmers through their relationship with Bourgault Tillage Tools and BTT UK.

Niaux 200 disk blades provide high quality work over a longer duration than other disks on the market giving farmers the all-important lower cost per acre figure.

The research and development efforts implemented at Forges De Niaux on metallurgy and heat treatment have allowed for unsurpassed hardness (up to 58 HRC) on the discs outer edge for a longer lifespan, and a more flexible disc centre (40 – 50 HRC) to allow for any shocks and possible cracking around the bolt holes.

This combined with the Niaux 200 disc blade auto sharpening technology means that the quality if the cut will help deal with all crop residues and the more the disc wears the sharper the blade. Time, effort and cost in changing a set of disc blades is significant so you want to make sure that any replacement discs offer the right return on the investment. There is the old saying ‘By cheap, Buy Twice, Change Twice.

Come and discuss the available full range further at the Bourgault Tillage Tools (BTT) UK stand at LAMMA 24, Hall 20, Stand 884

Or call 01733 971971 Or email help@bttuk.com or buy at Farm Market Place.