Soil Health

BASE UK at Cereals 2024

We are the premier organisation, dedicated to promoting independent, farmer led, regenerative agricultural knowledge across the UK.  Our mission is to enhance soil health, increase biodiversity, and support businesses by embracing sustainable farming practices that benefit both farmers and the environment. After many months of preparation, the Direct Driller @Cereals event was a great success …

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The Future of Soil Health Measurement

As discussions around sustainable farming practices and environmental stewardship continue to gain momentum, the spotlight on soil health has never been brighter. Recognising the critical need for effective soil monitoring solutions, PES Technologies has emerged as a pioneering force, offering a fast, accurate, and hassle-free method to measure soil health right in the field.

Co-creation Unearths the Course to Profitability

Transitioning clients towards more sustainable farming practices has become a passion for one Dorset contract farming business — with soil and plant health forming a key part of the resilience strategy. Long before regenerative farming became fashionable, the A&R Fraser family in Dorset realised adopting more sustainable farming practices was crucial for the long-term viability …

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Who owns regen?

It is clear that the term ‘Regen ag’ is now becoming as confused and meaningless as ‘min-till’.    The question of ‘what is Regen’ now happens with regular occurrence.   Worryingly there now seems to be, in the UK at least, organisations who are keen to control the narrative and take ownership of the term regen for …

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Clemson/Michelin study impact of tyre pressure on soil compaction in South Carolina

Written by Denise Attaway from Clemson University, South Carolina Clemson and Michelin researchers are studying to determine if low-pressure tires can help increase yields in cotton and peanut rotations. “We know the researchers at Clemson University will make every effort to determine what data and information is going to best serve our regional farmers. Their …

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