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The good, the bad and the ugly

Farmers should be congratulated for continuing to produce food at low prices by constantly fine-tuning their businesses and keeping updated with the latest machinery, plant breeding developments and precision management techniques, says Jeff Claydon. The inventor of the Opti-Till® direct seeding system contemplates the challenges for UK farming and provides an update on the Claydon family’s arable farm in Suffolk.

Tech defines how inputs are applied

With Amazone notching up 140 years of machinery manufacturing last year, Direct Driller takes a look at how its technology has developed. Over one million fertiliser spreaders have been built by Amazone, and 2024 is the 75th anniversary seed drill production for the company. Based in Osnabrück, Germany and manufacturing at eight sites across the …

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Drill Manufacturer in Focus – Jeff Claydon

Since the start of 2024 it has become evident that farmers all over the world have been pushed to the point where rising costs, increasing legislation and governmental pressures have left them with little choice but to make their feelings known to politicians in no uncertain terms. As I write this, it seems as if farmers everywhere are protesting. In the UK, throughout Europe and as far afield as the USA, Canada and Australia, the slogan ‘No Farmers, No Food, No Future’ is being seen everywhere.

Drill Manufacturer – Dale Drills

o match our Eco range of seed drills, our Mounted Tine Drill (MTD) range has been upgraded to include a split tank option, allowing for simultaneous sowing of two different seeds or products. The narrow double coulters place the two products, one beneath the other, behind the 12mm wide tungsten tipped tines as they penetrate the soil. The 1500-liter hopper, divided evenly, integrates two Accord seed metering units (one of which is a heavier duty Fertiliser metering unit) managed through an RDS Isocan control system.

Drill Manufacturers – Mzuri

In the picturesque countryside of Herefordshire, a farmer is singing the praises of a British drill manufacturer that has revolutionised his farming practices. Meet Adam Lewis, the forward-thinking farmer at the forefront of sustainable agricultural change. An AHDB monitor farm and an advocate for regenerative agriculture, Adam is also a Mzuri Ambassador supporting growers with their transition to single pass crop establishment through his own real-world experiences.

Moore Unidrill Celebrates 50 Years of Innovation with the All-New Grain & Fert Hopper Unidrill

In the realm of agricultural machinery, where innovation meets tradition, Moore Unidrill stands tall as a pioneer in direct drilling technology. This year marks the golden anniversary of the company’s groundbreaking invention, the Original and Still the Best Direct Seed Drill, and to commemorate this milestone, Moore Unidrill has unveiled the All-New Grain & Fert Hopper Unidrill, a testament to five decades of relentless dedication to perfecting direct drilling.

Relentless rain creates significant challenges

This year’s numerous challenges continued into autumn on the Claydon family’s arable farm in Suffolk, writes Jeff Claydon, who invented the Opti-Till® direct strip seeding system. Date: 27 November 2023.       What a difference a year makes! I started my last article for Direct Driller, written on 29 August, by suggesting that further agronomic, meteorological, …

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