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Modern agriculture incorporates a diverse range of technologies to enhance productivity, sustainability and efficiency. Precision farming, utilising GPS technology and Geographic Information Systems (GIS), enables accurate mapping of fields and optimised navigation for farming equipment. Advanced farm management software driven by data analytics and decision support systems, empowers farmers with insights into crop performance and resource allocation. New fungicide and spraying technologies have the ability to reduce the amount of inputs we use while increasing the yields from the crops we grow. At the same time, new varieties are coming to the market all the time and genetic editing (coupled with artificial intelligence) could see step changes in productivity.

Smart equipment, such as precision planting and harvesting machinery, leverages automation and sensor technologies for precise and efficient operations. The Internet of Things (IoT) plays a pivotal role, with sensor networks providing real-time data on soil conditions and smart irrigation systems optimizing water usage. Biotechnology, including genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and CRISPR technology, contributes to crops with enhanced traits. Drones and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) aid in aerial imaging, pest detection, and targeted application of pesticides. Blockchain technology ensures supply chain traceability, while innovations like vertical farming and hydroponics offer controlled environments for year-round crop production. We expect to see AI change the way varieties are bred and the speed with which we see new technology to the market.

Collectively, these technologies form the building blocks of how of modern agriculture will evolve, promoting profitability, sustainability, productivity and the responsible use of resources.

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