Drill Arena

In the drill arena you’ll see 13 drills being showcased around the arena to see what’s new on the market. A live interview from the cab will take place so each company can tell you exactly what you need to know about the machine. Each drill will be displayed at the bottom of the drill arena right by the entrance to the show if you want a closer look.

Who you’ll see in the drill arena:


Aitchison Zero Till Drills sowing the future of agriculture. Drills are available in sizes from 1.2m-6m, tine or disc. Able to handle any size seed with the unique sponge seed dispensing system

Visit their website for more information http://www.aitchisonagri.com

The Claydon direct seeding technique was developed in 2002 to eliminate unnecessary cultivations and reduce costs. It improves soil health and yields and is central to the Claydon Opti-Till® range of machinery for sustainable crop establishment including straw harrows, light cultivators and inter-row hoes.

Visit their website for more information https://claydondrill.com/

Dale Drills is an agricultural seed drill manufacturing firm, based in the UK, specialising in direct drills. Their drills are renowned for their excellent contour following, accurate seed placement and low power requirement.

Visit their website for more information https://daledrills.com/

Fentech Agri’s missions is to help farmers achieve maximum yields without high input costs, to give a solid bottom line profit while at the same time, improving the soils for the future.

Visit their website for more information https://www.fentechagri.com/

Our soils are degrading at an alarming rate. We recognise that to sustain our soils farmers require quality, reliable machinery and components that address agronomic issues whilst at the same time increasing efficiency. We are committed to designing and manufacturing innovative no-till and strip-till products that promote soil regeneration, whilst also helping our customers to improve productivity, yield and profitability.

Visit their website for more information https://www.horizonagriculture.com/

“We run to create new ways of thinking and develop new ways of doing. Not to disrupt the status quo, but to evolve customer-focused solutions that move their jobs forward in ways that are easier and more profitable.”

Visit their website for more information https://www.deere.co.uk/

Maschio began in 1964 when brothers Antonio, Egidio and Giorgio Maschio started manufacturing rotary tillers in Camperdesago, Padua in Italy. Nowadays with 8 factories globally, Maschio Gaspardo encompass a full line up of machines for the entire crop cycle. The portfolio includes plough, subsoilers, min-till equipment, rotary tillers, power harrows, mulchers, flail mowers, precision and cereal seed drills, combination drills, vegetable planters, fertiliser spreaders, sprayers, mowers, grassland equipment, and a range of balers. Maschio Gaspardo – Growing Together.

Visit their website for more information https://www.maschiogaspardo.com/

Moore Unidrill Manufacturing Ltd is a family-owned manufacturer of Agricultural and Sportsturf seeding equipment. Established in 1974, it began by manufacturing direct drills for the grassland market. In the late 1970’s and early 1980’s a drill specifically designed for the arable sector was developed and in the mid 80’s the specialist sports turf model was introduced. In January 2019, ownership, and production of the Moore Unidrill’s transferred to Bourne in Lincolnshire, England and 2024 marks our 50th anniversary as we continue to develop the brand and build on ”the original and still the best” direct drill through our growing network of global dealers.

Visit their website for more information https://www.moore-unidrill.com

Weaving Machinery is a leading British agricultural machinery manufacturer and retailer of seed drills and cultivators targeted towards low disturbance farming systems.

Visit their website for more information https://weaving-machinery.com/

“From our local base, we are the UK importers of Guttler products and supply products both directly to the customer and also through a national dealership network. We are very proud of our association with Guttler GmbH which now spans over 20 years. We have extensive knowledge and experience of the application, adaptation and operation of Guttler products being both retailers and end-users of the products.”

Visit their website for more information https://www.woxagriservices.co.uk/

Novag takes farmers into the future: Modern no-tillage seed drills designed and produced in France ensure greater yields and reduced costs. Our unique T SlotPlus concept guarantees perfect sowing quality even in difficult conditions and thus maximum security under no-till farming conditions.

Visit their website for more information https://novagsas.com

We are specialists in the production of agricultural technology for soil cultivation, seeding, inter-row cultivation, mulching, fertilization, and crop residue management. From the very beginning, we have been focusing on the development and production of wide machines; however, our comprehensive machine portfolio enables us to offer a suitable technological line for any farming conditions and area size. You can find BEDNAR machines in more than 39 countries of the world, working in various climatic and soil conditions at the full satisfaction of their owners.

Visit their website for more information https://www.bednar.com/en/

Drill arena map and surroundings

The drill arena is surrounded by 26 plots containing different Cover Crops. The cover crop plots are sponsored by Farmdeals and will all contain different varieties of SFI seed mixes and cover crops. The main arena is also planted with a cover crop to help the drills show the varieties they work in.

The drills will take turns throughout the day to go around the arena and we will be conducting a product interview with the operator of the machine, to help you better understand each machine in detail.

Want to showcase your drill?

If you want to showcase your drill at Direct Driller @Cereals, then please get in touch with Gareth from Agri Web Media, who will take you though the package that we are offering – gareth@agriwebmedia.co.uk – 07541864894

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