Magazine Content

Issue 1 of Direct Driller Magazine

This should give you a good idea of the content in Issue 1:

Introduction from the Editor – Mike Donovan takes about why he has taken on Direct Driller Magazine

Introduction from Clive Bailye – Bringing Direct Driller Magazine to Reality

Farming: What needs to Change? – Amir Kassam, has the path of agriculture moved dangerously off course?

The Ploughman’s Folly – 60 Years ago, one man was talking a lot of sense!

Secrets of our Success in Zero-Till – Tony Reynolds talks about zero-till on his farm

How to start Drilling for £8k – build your own Drill can be an affordable way to start drilling on your farm

UK No-Till Farmers tour of America – One group of UK farmers got the chance to meet American farmers who have been there and done it before

Start Simple with Cover Crops – Steve Townsend talks about how to get started with Cover Crops

Could You run a Farm Scale Trial in 2017? – The best way to test things, is to test them yourself, but once you have done that, why not share them.

Progressive UK Farmer Feature – Alex Shutes talks about what he is doing on his farm this year

Getting a Positive Result from a Cover Crops “Addiction” – Bill Buessing leaves no stone unturned as he seeds various cover-crop species to feed cattle, build up soils and fix nutrients for cash crops.

Mychorrhzal Fungi – Increasing Diversity with No-till

Companion Cropping – How pulses and rape can be combined in a rotation to produce benefits

Horsch and a Return to Direct Seeding – Michael Horsch with his farmer hat on and his quest for efficiencies for farms

Aqua Till – Using an Ultra High Pressure water jet instead of a disc

Content from Drill Manufacturers – What our UK Drill manufacturers are doing in farm scenarios at the moment

Groundswell 2017 – What to expect from next years No-Till show

Alternatives to glyphosate to terminate cover crops – Is there anything to be done to halt our reliance on Glyphosate

Drills for Sale – All the drills currently advertised for Sale on The Farming Forum’s Classifieds