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New biological foliar treatment to boost nutrient use efficiency

British farmers will soon benefit from a new biological foliar treatment, proven to enhance nutrient use efficiency, boost crop yields, and decrease reliance on artificial fertilisers. Based on the industry leading seed treatment, TIROS, TARBIS is a foliar applied to any crop, comprised of a unique combination of endophyte strains which enable seedlings and mature …

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Agriculture has landed at an interesting turning point – where do we go now?

Signs of Spring are everywhere, and while work in the world of agriculture never stops, this month we will see efforts ramp up – from the drilling, or sowing, of the sugar beet to fertilising and crop spraying. At a local level, we may still only be seeing the seeds of regenerative agriculture taking hold, …

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Bayer and Trinity Agtech join forces to drive regenerative practices in agriculture

Bayer’s European Carbon Initiative enables farmers, food processors and retailers to achieve carbon commitments and implement regenerative agriculture practices. By 2025, Bayer expects to significantly increase the number of food and ag value chain projects and the number of participating farmers / Trinity Agtech’s Sandy platform delivers a trusted and distinctive natural capital navigation capability for carbon and sustainability impact management and supports farmers in managing their environmental sustainability, their profitability and their business resilience – all aligned with the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) methodology and compliant with international reporting and accounting standards

Precision future for pesticide application

Precision application techniques enable farmers to deliver products more effectively and with greater accuracy onto intended targets, says James Thomas, Syngenta Head of Precision Agriculture EU+. Rapid adoption of precision application techniques gives the potential to get a better result from every gramme of active ingredient in the field, and reduce the risk of any …

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Building Performance with Bridgeway

Heat stress, drought and disease all have the potential to threaten crop performance, but incorporating biostimulants into the programme can help prepare crops to cope better. That’s the advice from Stuart Sutherland, technical manager at Interagro who says biostimulants are becoming increasingly valuable tools within the wider IPM toolbox for building stronger, healthier more resilient …

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