The Growing Challenge

Climate change is causing more frequent and extreme weather events that can significantly impact crop development and yield. HeatwavesHigh temperatures can slow the rate of photosynthesis as plants cannot transpire fast enough to remain cool. This reduces energy production and therefore impacts crop development. Heat stress at flowering and fruiting can cause flower and fruit …

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Another Extradordinary Year

Written by James Warne from Soil First Farming What an extraordinary growing season we seem to have had. In a nutshell, very low rainfall, low temperatures until June and good levels of solar radiation (sunshine) resulting in generally good yields with good specific weight and moderate protein. Especially so as most crops senesced approximately 2 …

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Climate Change Effects On Soil Biota In The UK

Written by Franciska T. de Vries and Richard D. Bardget There is much evidence that climate change significantly impacts the abundance, diversity and activity of soil biota, but few consistent effects are reported in the literature, and effects vary strongly depending on environmental context. – Elevated atmospheric CO2 increases microbial biomass and the abundance of …

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