From Tradition to Innovation with the Mzuri System

From Tradition to Innovation with the Mzuri System

Innovation and technology are at the forefront of the agricultural industry enabling producers to achieve higher yields, reduce chemical use and drive down input costs. Embracing this change is Neil White, a proud Mzuri Ambassador, who generously hosted the Covering Soils Event, organised by Direct Driller in May 2024.

Recently awarded the Farmers Weekly Arable Farmer of the Year, Neil is a champion for sustainable agriculture, and actively shares his knowledge and experience within the industry through live discussions and social media.

Neil manages 570 acres of arable land in Berwickshire, with soils predominantly of Sandy and Clay Loam. For nearly a decade, Neil has been using the Mzuri Pro-Til one-pass direct drill, harnessing its single-pass technology to reap a wealth of benefits, including more resilient soil and cropping in the face of challenging seasons and conditions.

Transitioning from a conventional plough-based system, Neil faced inefficiencies and limitations, with unpredictable weather often disrupting his schedule, resulting in less-than-optimal yields. With the Mzuri system, he found a solution to these challenges.

Neil White – Mzuri ambassador and Farmers Weekly Arable Farmer of the Year

One of the primary reasons Neil opted for the Mzuri system was its precision in minimising soil disturbance whilst still creating an optimal seedbed. Unlike traditional plough-based systems that often leave farmers at the mercy of weather conditions, the Mzuri system offered Neil the flexibility to work efficiently with minimal soil disturbance.

About the Mzuri Pro-Til

The Mzuri Pro-Til direct drill features leading tines which band place fertiliser below the seeding zone, to reduce fertiliser requirements and ensure early nutrient accessibility for quick, even establishment.  In-line staggered wheels remove air pockets and reconsolidate ahead of the seeding coulters whilst excellent seed to soil contact is achieved by hydraulic pressure exerted to each individual seed depth wheel. By having independent, pivoting seeding coulters, with depth controlled via individual semi-pneumatic coulter depth wheels, accurate seed depth can be achieved across the full width even over undulating ground. Finally, a hydraulically operated adjustable pressure harrow ensures a level uniformed seed bed ideal for pre-emergence herbicide.

For Neil, the Mzuri drill significantly improved crop establishment, even across varying soil types. In direct-drilled Spring crops, where timing is critical, Neil observed substantial improvements. While farmers in the area, which were using conventional drills, faced uneven seed depths and stressed crops during the wet Springs, Neil’s crops remained unaffected, thanks to the adaptability of the Mzuri system.

Mzuri Pro-Til drilled Barley on Neil’s Berwickshire Farm

Scotland’s wet climate poses specific challenges, but the Mzuri system’s soil conditioning capabilities proved beneficial for Neil’s farm by enhancing the soil’s nutrient content and promoting healthier plant growth. By promoting adequate soil aeration and reduced soil compaction, the system facilitated improved soil structure and better nutrient availability, minimising the need for chemical inputs. Neil’s commitment to reducing inputs was evident in his decision to no longer use insecticides on Spring Beans and reduce fungicide applications in Wheat crops, thanks to increased airflow through the crop as a result of the Mzuri’s wider row spacings.

Neil is acutely aware that new Government policies are requiring operational change for farmers, commenting “While Government policies are raising demands, the Mzuri Pro-Til ticks all the boxes, providing relief to farmers under pressure to meet Government standards.”

An incredibly wet Winter and Spring has presented huge challenges for growers intending to plant their Spring crops, with many unable to access the waterlogged land. In-between the down pours Neil successfully planted his Spring Barley, which is looking strong and healthy, despite the continued unpredictable weather.

Spring Beans looking strong this spring despite challenging conditions

Mzuri, who are a British manufacturer based in Worcestershire, have an esteemed group of Ambassadors who are passionate about the Mzuri system and have tried and tested it over the years. If you wish for an honest, farmer to farmer review of the Mzuri system, please get in touch and we will put you in contact with your local Ambassador.  

For growers in regions eligible for the Farming Equipment and Technology Fund and the Sustainable Farming Incentive, we are pleased to confirm the Mzuri Pro-Til is an approved machine under both schemes.

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