The Aitchison T- Boot

Article written by Aitchison. See Aitchison at Direct Driller at Cereals 11 & 12 June, Bygrave Woods, Newnham Farm, Herts.

The vibrating tine with the Aitchison boot creates a smear-free, cocoon-shaped mini seedbed. Competing plants have their roots pruned while the inverted T-slot mixes the seeds with the soil. The seeds may be placed 1.5″ deep in the inverted T-slot where more moisture is available; however, the seed is consistently covered with only 1/4″ to 3/8″ of finely tilled soil. The key that makes the Aitchison completely different is the special design of the Aitchison boot. The bottom surface of the boot compresses a column of soil underneath the seed, which creates a “wick” to conduct moisture upwards. The unique inverted T-shaped slot retains up to eight times more moisture and three times more oxygen than other planting systems, while offering superior seed germination. The loose, tilth-like soil deposited over the seed with the Aitchison system is a poor water conductor and acts as a barrier to stop moisture from evaporating from the seedbed. Seed savings can be 25% or greater over other drills due to improved emergence. This fact is supported by independent trial results.

About Aitchison

The Aitchison Zero Till Drills sowing the future of agriculture. The drill’s seeding technique uses the famous and original T-boot system, coupled with the unique gentle sponge seed delivery system is able to dispense any size seed in any seed mix. Drills are available in sowing widths 1.2m-6m, tine or disc.

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