A new dynamic for direct seeding

Written by Wox Agri Services. See Wox Agri Services in the Drill Arena for Direct Driller at Cereals 11th & 12th June, Bygrave Woods, Newnham Farm, Herts.

The Güttler Greenmaster Tined Seed is a completely modular direct seeding system. 

Placement of the seeds takes place down an individual tube on every tine, 40 outlets on a 3.0m machine and 80 outlets on a 6.0m machine and is a European patented design.

The machine can be fitted with 410l or 660l hoppers with a choice of hydraulic or PTO fan unit.

The system allows for the attachment of the Mayor or Master trailed roller to optimise seed to soil contact, if conditions dictate then the roller can be dropped off until better conditions prevail.

To allow optimum seed to soil contact, the rollers are used in all applications of seeding.

The unit will be on show at the new Drill Arena at Cereals along with other seeding systems which we offer at Wox Agri Services.