New Isobus control operation system for Novag no-till drills: efficient and powerful configurations

Written by Novag SAS. See Novag in the Drill Arena at Direct Driller at Cereals 11th & 12th June, Bygrave Woods, Newnham Farm, Herts

Novag manufactures each machine to order and allows individual configurations.

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new Isobus control system for our no-till drills. This development enables our customers to control their machines not only with our dedicated terminal but also with standard Isobus-enabled devices or the Isobus-enabled monitors of their tractors. This flexibility makes operating and integrating our machines much easier, regardless of their model.

“The introduction of the Isobus control system is part of our commitment to always offering our customers innovative solutions to adapt Novag seeding technology to their needs. They optimise their operations and increase their yield potential. We are proud to be at the forefront of the development of no-till technology and look forward to supporting our customers in this endeavour,” says Ramzi Frikha, Novag’s founder and chief engineer.

The IntelliForcePlus automatic coulter pressure control system powers all Novag models. This system hydraulically regulates the contact pressure on the coulters from 100 to 500kg.

For simultaneous metering of seed and fertiliser, all Novag no-till drills come with a two-part primary hopper. On every Novag T-ForcePlus, two additional tanks are available as an option, such as slug pellets, fine seeds, or particular micronutrients. They either deliver into the airflow of the main tanks or distribute over a wide area in front of or behind the machine. The unique software controls all four tanks, each with a hydraulic metering unit, capacitive sensors, and individual calibration.

The sowing T-SlotPlus coulters are prepared ex-factory for liquid applications (fertiliser, compost extract, enzymes, etc.).

All Novag direct seed drills are now Isobus-prepared at the customer’s request, so machine functions such as application maps for site-specific sowing can be conveniently controlled via the tractor terminal, joysticks, or Isobus VT. The Novag control systems can handle up to four product prescriptions and maps for the IntelliForcePlus closing wheel settings.

For all customers who already own a seed drill, Novag offers the option of converting the machine to Isobus control with a retrofit kit. This allows the farmer to continue to fulfil all the requirements of modern agriculture with his familiar, reliable machine.