Welcome to the Groundswell 2024 Issue

We are thrilled it’s that time of year again, Groundswell 2024 issue. A special event dedicated to the transformative world of regenerativeagriculture. Groundswell, has become known as a beacon of innovation, knowledge sharing, and community building for farmers, the supplychain and practitioners dedicated to sustainable and resilient farming practices. This year’s event promises to be …

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To be or not to be

Never fear, I’m not venturing into Shakespeare here. Not only are my writing skills lacking, but I can’t see Direct Driller ever making it to the stage either. However, I am questioning the desire to be labelled a “regenerative farmer”. Do you want or need to be labelled at all? This is not quite weighing …

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Unleashing the Potential of Agri-Tech

Written by Chris Fellows In the realm of agriculture, a technological revolution is underway, reshaping the landscape from traditional practices to cutting-edge innovations. This transformation, encapsulated by the term “agri-tech,” is not merely about mechanised machinery or futuristic drones; it represents a multifaceted evolution that spans the entire agricultural supply chain not just changes on …

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