Author name: Chris Fellows

To be or not to be

Never fear, I’m not venturing into Shakespeare here. Not only are my writing skills lacking, but I can’t see Direct Driller ever making it to the stage either. However, I am questioning the desire to be labelled a “regenerative farmer”. Do you want or need to be labelled at all? This is not quite weighing …

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Unleashing the Potential of Agri-Tech

Written by Chris Fellows In the realm of agriculture, a technological revolution is underway, reshaping the landscape from traditional practices to cutting-edge innovations. This transformation, encapsulated by the term “agri-tech,” is not merely about mechanised machinery or futuristic drones; it represents a multifaceted evolution that spans the entire agricultural supply chain not just changes on …

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Big data – farming’s friend or foe?

Unlocking the potential of big data can lead to smarter farming, but there are complex interactions and challenges to navigate. In the dynamic landscape of modern agriculture, the integration of big data technologies has revolutionized the way farmers operate and make decisions. Smart farming, fuelled by the inseparable relationship between production and consumption of data, …

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The New Normal

Written by Chris Fellows We certainly confused a few in the last issue with the title change.  As you can see, we are back to normal now (see what we did there).  But the point stands, regen agriculture is everywhere right now and Defra have made it more profitable than ever.  Thus, every other publication …

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What’s in a Name?

Welcome to the 5th Anniversary issue of Direct Driller / Normal Farming magazine. When we started the magazine, we really didn’t know what to call it. We knew it should focus on soil health, reduced cultivation, conservation agriculture (remember when it was called that), sustainability, efficiency and profitability. Lots of good words and I’d hope …

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Reading more

Written by Chris Fellows We have recently taken part in an Innovate UK competition to try and encourage farmers to read from formal material.  Trial results, papers, research, on-farm projects and so forth.  The assumption being that farmers who are better informed, make better decisions and thus become more profitable or sustainable (or both hopefully).  …

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