Claydon – good for your pocket & good for the environment

Written by Claydon Drills . See Claydon in the Drill Arena for Direct Driller at Cereals 11th & 12th June, Bygrave Woods, Newnham Farm, Herts.

If you miss the application window for an FETF grant, you can still buy a Claydon and save £000s in your first year, just in fuel costs alone.

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Farmers using Claydon Opti-Till tell us they are saving tens of thousands of pounds every year on establishing their crops. But it’s the environment that also benefits.

Reducing insecticides

“After a year or two we started to notice important benefits and those have continued to become both more apparent and more significant. The 2019 season, for example, was the first in which we did not have to use any insecticides on wheat or spring barley as there were so many beneficial insects which took care of any pests.” A Axelsson, Sweden

Reducing fungicides

Reducing soil erosion

Reducing soil blow

Reducing chemicals

Improved water infiltration

Spring demo opportunity

Freshen up soil and remove tightness for your seeds this growing season.  Contact your local dealer for a demo:

For more information about how Claydon drilling can help you establish your crops in a challenging climate, whilst maintaining yields and reducing costs, pls visit or contact your nearest Claydon dealer.