Dale Drills: Crop establishment made efficient for your business

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Dale Drills confirms that its range of No Till Seed Drills once again qualifies for inclusion in this funding program.

All pertinent contact details and an overview of their applicable product range can be accessed through their website, Dale Drills

Applications close 17th April 2024

Dale Drills’ range of Eco Drills presents farmers with an opportunity to efficiently establish crops while promoting healthier, more robust soils that foster higher yielding crops. But how do our drills achieve this?

The Eco Drill range employs low-disturbance tines, minimising the horsepower requirement to just 20hp/m (allowing a 150hp tractor to comfortably pull a 6m Eco M). This reduced power demand enables the use of wider working width drills (ranging from 3m to 13m) on relatively modest sized tractors, increasing output to save time and reducing fuel consumption. The lighter weight and smaller size of the tractor, coupled with the broader working width of the machine, minimise machinery pressure on the soil and decrease the compacted area, thereby ensuring optimal conditions for crop establishment.

Featuring a 12mm wide tungsten carbide tipped tine coulter, the Eco Drill offers straightforward, low-maintenance drilling in all conditions. Fabricated in Britain, these tungsten carbide tines provide exceptional durability, significantly reducing metal wear costs to approximately £1 per acre, and minimising downtime during the drilling season. The forward-facing design of the Dale point ensures an ideal seed zone, facilitating adequate seed-soil contact and preventing smearing, even in heavier or wetter soils.

The drilling assemblies, capable of independent movement, are mounted via a parallel linkage to the chassis, ensuring accurate contour following. This feature guarantees optimum seeding depth across the drill’s width, promoting uniform crop emergence and reducing the need for additional cultivation passes to level seedbeds, thereby saving time and money.

An adjustable hydraulic pressure system to the drilling units allows users to tailor the drill for various conditions, ensuring compatibility with different seedbed types, from firm direct seedbeds to looser minimum till and conventional plough-based seedbeds. This versatility ensures accurate seed placement no matter what condition the seedbed is in, optimising yield and increasing farm profitability.

Standard row width adjustment ranges from 12.5cm to 25cm (5” – 10”), with an optional 50cm (20”) kit available for users seeking the flexibility to plant crops at optimal spacing for maximum yield.

For 23 years, Dale Drills have supplied drills capable of sowing seed and fertiliser. The hoppers, painted with vehicle and machinery enamel, are effectively protected against potential corrosion from fertiliser. Specialist metering devices ensure longevity and precise fertiliser delivery. Depending on specifications, the Eco Drill can deliver fertiliser to one side, underneath, or mixed with the seed on 5”, 10”, or 20” row spacings.

Notably, the company has observed users employing multiple crop species through the Seed & Fertiliser system, either for companion cropping or sowing cover crop mixes with varying seed sizes. This inherent versatility enables users to adapt to evolving farming policies without the need for additional equipment expenditure, thereby minimizing costs.

Our Eco and MTD drill range all qualify for the FETF grant. For those considering the acquisition of one of our drills and are interested in leveraging the FETF, contact us today to explore how Dale Drills can be a strategic partner in your journey towards efficient and environmentally conscious farming.