Direct and min-till drilling versatility

The HORSCH Avatar and Sprinter drill ranges offer direct and min-till drilling with a focus on versatility and productivity.

The Avatar is the direct drilling expert that is flexible, robust and precise. It can be used universally from direct drilling to cultivated soils with up to three individual metered components. The high coulter pressure of up to 350 kg per individual row and maintenance-free bearings ensure a reliable and effective performance. Depth control at the individual coulter and adjustable closing wheels result in precision drilling in a wide range of conditions.

The Sprinter tine drill combines soil preparation, seeding and fertilisation in one pass. The robust design has clear advantages in min-till conditions, with most of the straw residue remaining on the soil surface. Its strong frame design, low draft coulters and large seed hoppers allow high performance and productivity.

Avatar SD with smaller working widths and updates

The Avatar SD is available in 8m, 9m and 10m working widths with the choice of 6300 litre double hopper or 6400 litre triple tank, and the ability to mount a 400 litre MiniDrill too. It is possible to equip the machines with trash wheels to cope smoothly with high amounts of straw.

In 2024, the Avatar 12.25 SD and 12.40 SD can be optioned with a selective hosing. This allows for alternately supplying the seed coulters with two different crops. Thanks to the individual depth control, fine seeds can be placed shallow and coarse seeds can be placed deep. In addition, double row spacing can be achieved so that, for example, cereals can be sown with a spacing of 25cm and soybeans with 50cm. The Avatar 12.50 SD offers a row spacing of 50cm as an option for the 12m version.

The AutoForce system, well-known from the HORSCH Maestro, was shown on an Avatar 10.25 SD at the Agritechnica 2023 show. Using hydraulic rams, AutoForce is the only system available to continuously adapt coulter pressure while drilling to prevent compaction on light land or reduced sowing depth on heavy land. This produces an even seed placement which helps crop growth. Row cleaners are now available on the 8m to 12m Avatar models with 25cm row spacing.

Avatar SL – all-new mounted model

The all-new Avatar SL is the smallest and most manoeuvrable Avatar seed drill with a mounted 3-point configuration designed for precise sowing in mulch seed conditions. The depth control roller of the SingleDisc coulter ensures a regular depth placement even in uneven conditions. Row spacings of 25cm or 30cm pave the way for mechanical weed control.

The Avatar SL is used in combination with the HORSCH Partner front tank. As an option, there will also be a solo version with an 800 litre seed tank in the rear. Hydraulic weight transfer achieves a coulter pressure of up to 240kg per coulter, with the weight of the tractor transferred to the seed coulters. This is useful especially in harder conditions and considerably extends the range of use of the machine.

Sprinter 6.25 SL and 12.25 SC tine seed drills

Two new models join the popular Sprinter tine seed drill range; Sprinter 6.25 SL and 12.25 SC. Changing climate conditions are bringing about longer dry periods and cultivation methods need to change to the meet the challenge of keeping water in the soil.

The new Sprinter models reduce tillage to a minimum yet work well in high amounts of straw residue, as well as in harder soils. To ensure a perfect seed-soil contact between the grain and seed furrow, the new Sprinters are equipped with a tine seed coulter that creates a residue-free seed furrow. Three different tine coulters (110mm WideEdge, 21mm ThinEdge and 12mm UltraThinEdge) enable the farmer to additionally react to various conditions.

The new 6m SL mounted model works in combination with a Partner FT front tank, while the 12m trailed SC model is equipped with a 6300 litre double hopper and is available with a triple tank and additional MiniDrill options. Both feature tines with a 25cm spacing and a 180kg release force.