Grange Machinery

Strip-Till Preparator

The Preparator has been designed from carefully listening to farmers over the past few seasons who are wanting to perfect their establishment of maize. The layout of our three independent rows of cultivation discs that can be hydraulically adjusted whilst working in harmony with our low disturbance tine and point allows us to create a perfectly cultivated row that is ready for a seed to be planted into.  This system is then finished with a zonal Guttler prism roller ring that is the final part of the cultivation pass to breakdown any clods that have flowed through the system as well as consolidating the row in readiness for a planter when the time suits to sew. 

One of the unique features that the Preparator offers is the option of applying either granular or liquid fertiliser behind the loosening tine in preparation for seed to be placed into the row.

Low Disturbance Loosener

The LDL has been designed with the need of farming practises moving towards direct drilling or min-till and the requirements that the latest direct drills have to sew into a level and perfectly finished surface. Compaction is commonly found at depths of 6″- 10, the Low Disturbance Loosener will be used to lift at full width and at depths of up to 12″. It is used primarily to loosen the soil structure straight after combining and removing the compaction pan. We have witnessed farms start to experience poor crop establishment and growth due to the compaction generated from machinery traffic, rain fall etc. We offer the central folding machine in 4m along with the wider working widths of 5m & 6m.

6m Low Disturbance Toolbar


The 6m LDT offers the ability to lift and lower the cultivating legs and discs within the frame/chassis whilst not interrupting the height of the trailed implement on the rear hitch. This feature allows the machine to be mounted on the tractor and to only be used when required. The operator has complete control on having the loosening legs in or out of work whilst on the move, this allows the leg and disc depth to be altered if required without leaving the cab. One of the key attributes of the machine is that it provides options for the farmer.

‘Tight Turn’ – Automatic Headland Turning Feature…

The 6m LDT offers a unique system that allows the machine to be converted from 6m working width down to 3m during headland turns. This feature eliminates the need for an extended headland, the wings on the machine automatically lift to a 90 degree position whilst the operator concentrates on performing the turn, this is achieved using one tractor auxiliary service. The wings will then unfold and become a 6m beam again ready for the next pass, a very easy but versatile feature that transforms field operations.

Choose your system…

The 6m LDT has proven to be a very popular machine that is used with a range of trailed implements. Having the ability to lift and lower the cultivating legs when in combination with other implements without affecting the trailed setup makes the machine very versatile and to be frequently used. The LDT adds a loosening system to machines that are already on farm allowing farmers to enhance their current cultivation and drilling system. We offer three widths of Low Disturbance Toolbar in 3m, 4m & 6m

Heavy Duty Track Eradicator

This machine is very popular for farmers that are currently practising or looking to move into CTF however it is aimed at eradicating wheelings in all farming practises. A strong and robust frame that is built with 8m – 12m trailing implements in mind. The versatility and ability in having the loosesning legs in/out of work is a key feature of the machine. The front cutting discs are on the same service which means the machine is very easy to operate and can be set up in the headland management screen.  The machine replicates the tractor drawbar height, allowing you to lift and lower the wheel eradicator legs whilst on the move, without affecting trailing implement setup. 

​Set your trailing implement to the optimum working depth and let the Track Eradicator take care of your wheelings.