Drill Manufacturers In Focus…


Groundswell 2021 will provide an opportunity for KUHN Farm Machinery to demonstrate the multipurpose Aurock triple disc seed drill, the Striger strip-till cultivator and the versatile TF 1512 front hopper.

Aurock 6000 RC

KUHN’s Aurock has the versatility to drill in no-till conditions, including into standing cover crops, and is equally effective in minimal cultivation systems. At Groundswell, the company will demonstrate the 6 metre Aurock 6000 RC, with dual metering and a 5,000-litre capacity split hopper.

This drill is designed for a low horsepower requirement, needing a modest 180hp to operate. The ability to work in varying field conditions starts at the front with two rows of opening discs. There is the option of 460mm diameter corrugated discs, for working in prepared soil or soil mixing, or a 430mm diameter embossed disc for cutting residues efficiently and minimising soil ejection.

Seed placement is carried out by the double disc seeding unit mounted on a parallelogram for optimum delivery accuracy and perfect ground following. Alignment with the opening discs is maintained by a central pivot point between the coulter bar and the chassis. This ensures that seeds drop accurately into the furrow, whether the drill is operating on a slope or around a bend. The opener discs and seeding unit assembly form the triple disc that has underpinned KUHN’s success in drill manufacture for forty years.

With its dual metering capability, the Aurock 6000 RC offers numerous possibilities, including dual cropping or alternate row drilling with independent management of seeding depth. These options are increasingly relevant for farmers seeking more innovative cropping solutions, whether for pest control or improving soil health.

The modular design of the Aurock allows the option of an integrated cutter roller with adjustable pressure to enable efficient operation in all cover types. The transport wheels are positioned between the opening disc and the coulter bar. The machine can also be equipped with a wholewidth wheel train for seeding within a minimum tillage cropping system. The offset press wheels prevent soil from building up at the front and extend the versatility beyond direct seeding. They allow the passage of plant residues and reduce pull power requirement. The large 900mm diameter reduces rolling resistance.

The Aurock is ISOBUS compatible, available with CCI 1200 or CCI 800 terminals (ISOBUS certified by the AEF). For enhanced ergonomics, a joystick is also available as optional equipment. Regardless of the selected control terminal, the operator has a user-friendly and intuitive interface developed by KUHN. A simple press of a button at the headland allows successive lifting of the front tools, then the stop of the metering units, ensuring perfect seeding to the edge of the field.

Striger 100

In response to the growing interest in minimal tillage cultivations, KUHN has developed its Striger strip-till range and will demonstrate this machine at Groundswell. Available from 4 to 12 rows, the Striger 100 is designed around a parallelogram system that allows all elements to operate independently, ensuring excellent ground following characteristics.

To achieve the optimum conditions for seed germination within the cultivated row, the Striger 100 comprises six key elements:

1. Ground following is achieved using the hydraulic parallelogram and the gauge wheels, with each element being independent of the frame and the other elements.

2. The opening disc cuts through any plant residues and creates a slot ready for the leg. As an option, a corrugated disc can be fitted which offers a better expansion of the furrow before the leg passes through.

3. Debris clearers remove any residue from the seed furrow to provide a clean seedbed. They can be lifted out when work is resumed in spring.

4. The leg and point cracks and loosens the seed furrow to allow good development of the roots. Working depth can be adjusted between 7 and 30cm without tools. To prevent soil ingress from the inter-row, the leg is independent from the deflector discs.

5. The deflector discs channel the flow of soil while creating a fine tilth. The inter-row remains intact and weed emergence is significantly reduced.

6. The rear press wheels reconsolidate the seedbed and avoid cavities in the seed furrow. The pressure is adjustable, and the press wheels can be raised during a pre-winter pass.

The STRIGER 100 can be adapted to work effectively in all conditions and can accommodate liquid, solid or slurry fertiliser applications. It can be used with varying inter-row widths and with a wide choice of working parts and equipment. It is available in 3m, 3.50m, 4.40m and 6m formats.

TF 1512 front hopper

KUHN will demonstrate its TF 1512 high-capacity front hopper at Groundswell, positioning it as a versatile option for seeding crops and cover crops as well as serving as a fertiliser hopper. Hopper capacities of either 1,500 or 2,000 litres make this a combination option that can add significant efficiency to a range of operations. The TF 1512 hopper can be used in combination with mechanical seed drills, precision seed drills and tillage tools. It incorporates KUHN’s Venta metering system with volumetric flutes, having the capability to distribute seeds, fertiliser and cover crops with no additional equipment required. All central components are in stainless steel. No tools or disassembly is necessary for maintenance.

Equipped with an electric drive system, application rate can be adjusted while working, either manually or via a variable rate application map. The TF 1512 front hopper is equipped with a powerful blower and a side air-outlet. Any risk of blockage from large seeds or fast seeding is eliminated. There are no tubes under the tractor or in the field of vision. A front packer with 4 wheels is also available for soil levelling between the wheels of the tractor, or a carrying frame to prevent compaction. In both cases extra balance weights can be added for more stability.

The calibration button is next to the metering unit, enabling the flow test function to be initiated without having to get into the tractor cab. The TF 1512 hopper is available as an ISOBUS machine. It can be controlled with an ISOBUS CCI terminal or the tractor’s ISOBUS terminal. Alternatively, it can be controlled with KUHN’s Quantron S-2 terminal for total and precise seeding management. The TF 1512 front hopper provides excellent balance between the tractor and the machine. Driving is easier with improved balance, and a lighter load on the rear axle helps manoeuvrability and road travel. Soil compaction is also reduced with better load balance.

The TF 1512 hopper can be easily filled from a bulk trailer or with a big bag and a front loader. It is also possible to fill the hopper safely from small bags using the access platform.