Issue 15October 2021


The 3.5% Rule

The “3.5% rule” refers to the claim that no government or organisation has withstood a challenge of this percentage of their population or membership mobilised against it during a peak event. This rule is based on an insight that political scientist Mark Lichbach developed in his 1995 book “The Rebel’s Dilemma”. In it, he speculates …

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Agroforestry: Learning From Four Pioneers

Written by Mike Abram Interested in agroforestry, but don’t know quite where to start? Four pioneers shared their expertise in anexcellent knowledge exchange session at Groundswell. More farmers and landowners than perhaps ever before are starting to consider agroforestry as a viable enterprise for farmland. Recent government announcements to treble annual tree planting in the …

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Durham Farm Trials Put Solid Science Into Biological Farming

Detailed trials assessing a broad range of regenerative farming strategies on a progressive Durham farm are putting some solid science into efforts to improve arable sustainability by making the very most of above and below-ground biology. Now into their third season, the Agrii Green Horizons trials with David Hankey on his family’s 160ha Dunkirk Farm, …

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What We Can’t See

Written by Chris Fellows Farming is becoming as much about what we can’t see as what we can. We as farmers already know that. Many of the articles in this magazine cover what can’t be seen and the complexity of modern-day sustainable farming. Greenhouse gases in the air can’t be seen, our crops and tramlines …

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