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Article written by Maschio Gaspardo

The MASCHIO GASPARDO in-line direct seed drills are the product of recognized experience and accumulated knowhow to which whole generations of both engineers and farmers have contributed over almost two centuries in the business. Today, MASCHIO GASPARDO offers a comprehensive range of direct seed drills to cater to the demands of farmers and contractors, with an array of highly adaptable products with plenty of configuration options that place seeding quality, environmental sustainability and return on investment above all else.


In 1989, MASCHIO GASPARDO produced DIRETTA, the first in-line seeder for drilling seed into untilled soil. Today, nearly 35 years on from that first model, MASCHIO GASPARDO continues to perfect its creations, introducing innovations that have allowed our direct drilling machines to set a benchmark for farmers and contractors.

The direct drilling range features models with mechanical or pneumatic distribution, and both fixed and folding frame versions.


The MASCHIO GASPARDO seeding unit, designed and manufactured entirely by GASPARDO delivers reliable, quality direct drilling, regardless of seed type and actual conditions in the field, even where there is a lot of trash material to contend with. The considerable down pressure (up to 250 kg) allows it to easily cut a seeding line even through tough soil. Seeding depth remains constant thanks to the independent furrow-opening and furrow-closing movements. MASCHIO GASPARDO direct seed drills offer an extensive range of adjustments, to better adapt to soil conditions and the farmer’s own preferences.

  • Unit height spring: adjust soil cutting depths
  • Clothing wheel pressure adjustment spring
  • Seed press wheel arm operated independently
  • Interchangeable depth gauge wheel
  • Disc coulter of 475mm
  • Interchangeable wear resistant cast iron shoe
  • Closing wheel with soil scraper


Pneumatic seed drill with pressurised hopper – The GIGANTE is MASCHIO GASPARDO’s flagship model in the direct drilling range with pneumatic seed and fertiliser distribution, available in both fixed and folding frame versions. The innovative pressurisation system optimizes distribution efficiency from the hopper to the seed furrow. With the hopper’s lowered centre of gravity, GIGANTE PRESSURE’s manoeuvrability is second to none, even when faced with steep slopes.

  • Liftable seed-covering harrow
  • Short distribution tubes
  • External mixing head
  • Hermetically sealed pressurised hopper
  • Low centre of gravity
  • Wide liftable wheels
  • Optimal distance between rows
  • Electrically driven seed + fertiliser metering units
  • Steering drawbar up to +/- 90°
  • ISOBUS communication


The metering units’ electric-drive system makes GIGANTE PRESSURE a fully digital control solution. The tractor’s ISOBUS terminal handles seed calibration and work parameter control. In addition, it allows you to access the Precision Farming.

Advanced ISOBUS monitoring functions (read+precision farming):

  • TERRA 7 functions
  • Prescription map import
  • Geo-referenced seeding data export
  • Automatic seeding shut-off
  • Variable input rate
  • Backlit 8″ graphic display 


A feature unique to GIGANTE PRESSURE is the centralised greasing point, conveniently located on the side of the machine, to which the rotating pins of each unit are connected.

This optional kit lets you reduce the additional time taken to perform routine maintenance on the seeding units.

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