Split Hoppers Available for 2024

Article written by Fentech Agri

Fentech Agri has been working on offering split hoppers over the complete pneumatic range of Simtech seed drills. The requirement for mixing different seeds for companion and cover cropping have become more prevalent as well as being able to offer an integrated fertiliser option for application with the seed.

Fentech agri are pleased to announce a collaboration with Regenovation, a Horizon Agriculture sister company, integrating their proven and well designed metering unit into Simtech products. The Horizon meter allows better packaging calibration and setting. Simtech mounted drills are relatively compact so this was seen as an essential requirement for running multiple meters.https://www.fentech.co/

Machines will still run a single distribution head as standard, mixing the seed down a single hose, however, the option for inter cropping on every other row is possible with dual distribution heads.

Couple the meters with another well proven and well tested control system from MC Electronics proves a reliable, simple system to accompany the reliability and simplicity of a Simtech drill.

All products will be fully supported by our technicians with engineering support from the respective suppliers should it be required.

The new combination will be integrated onto our folding rear hopper machines, splitting the 1700L hopper with a 60:40 ratio. A simple to remove baffle plate allows a single product to be used through both meters if preferred. We are also exploring the use of this arrangement onto front mounted hoppers to accompany our hopperless drill frames, giving ultimate flexibility in terms of drill configuration. With the front tank models, the option to combine a third small applicator hopper mounted to the main hopper and feeding directly into the air flow is also possible.

All new combinations will be available to order now for delivery within the 2024 FETF grant window. Contact our technical team now to discuss your seeding requirements.

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