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Drilling direct and eliminating unnecessary cultivations can save you thousands in establishment costs every year, and the Claydon Opti-Till® system does just that. Compared to conventional establishment it saves approximately 60% on costs with a time saving of around 80%. 

What sort of savings have Claydon customers experienced in their first year?

“Fuel is one of the big areas for saving with Opti-Till®. With the plough-based system our 15,000-litre tank had to be filled five times a season, now the tanker visits twice, which is 60% less. With fuel prices where they are that represents a major saving.” S Middleton, East Yorkshire

“In the first year that drill saved us 30,000 litres of fuel compared with our previous system . . . but there were numerous other immediate benefits in terms of timeliness, time saving, better crops and much lower costs.” T Saunders, Northants

It’s not just diesel, there are other ways to save

And there are no yield penalties with Claydon direct drilling

Whether farming heavy clays in Lincolnshire or dry, light erosion-prone soils of East Germany, customer experience shows that Claydon-drilled crops have no yield penalty – yields generally improve.

And a little bit of science

Claydon leading tine technology – giving the seed what it needs.

Skyway spring barley was direct drilled by 7 different drill manufacturers as part of the Agrii drill trials in Kent in 2023, comparing different drilling systems.  The Claydon Evolution was the highest yielding drill with 7.46 t/ha compared to the site average of 7.06 t/ha, a substantial increased yield of 400 kg/ha over the average.  The roots of the Claydon crop were the deepest and most well-developed across all the drills.

The Claydon drill’s leading tine technology is the key to maintaining, or in many cases, improving your yields.  It drills direct into stubble and doesn’t turn over the soil, just aerating it in the rooting and seeding row. This means the seed gets the best start in life – friable, free draining soil and access to moisture. Meanwhile, worms thrive and process the surface organic matter, adding to the soil’s fertility. What’s not for a seed to love? 

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