Dale Drills – Farming Equipment and Technology Fund (FEFT) 2024

Article written by Dale Drills

In a recent update, DEFRA has disclosed the imminent opening of a new phase for the Farming Equipment and Technology Fund (FETF) grant applications. This funding initiative serves as a valuable resource for farmers looking to invest in cutting-edge equipment and technology, with the aim of enhancing productivity and promoting environmental sustainability.

Dale Drills is delighted to confirm that its range of No Till Seed Drills once again qualifies for inclusion in this funding program. In the previous cycle, numerous customers, both new and existing, successfully secured FETF grants to support their investment in a new machine from our ECO and MTD seed drill range.

For those considering the acquisition of one of our drills and are interested in leveraging the FETF, we encourage you to reach out to our sales team promptly. Given the high demand, our build schedules tend to fill up rapidly. Therefore, it is advisable for anyone intending to apply for the FETF with the intention of acquiring a Dale Drill to make initial contact as soon as possible. All pertinent contact details and an overview of our applicable product range can be accessed through our website, https://daledrills.com/.

Dale Drills remains committed to assisting farmers in optimising their operations through innovative equipment, and the FETF presents a valuable opportunity for those seeking to integrate our seed drills into their farming practices. Don’t miss the chance to enhance your productivity and contribute to a more sustainable agricultural landscape. Contact us today to explore how Dale Drills can be a strategic partner in your journey towards efficient and environmentally conscious farming.

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