A Word From the Editor

Sarah Ferrie, Marketing Manager, Interagro

It’s no secret that agriculture finds itself in both an exciting and challenging era.

For several years now, getting more from less has been the theme – whether that be land, capital or crop production and protection products
— challenging many to think creatively about how they approach operations and decision-making.

When it comes to chemistry, this has pushed partner products like adjuvants into the spotlight – which have long been aids to growers to help optimise efficiency in the spray tank. When used correctly, adjuvants have the potential to perform a variety of valuable functions – as
highlighted in the farmer stories and research trials in the pages that follow.

Not only do these functions – such as enhancing spray coverage and balancing complex tank-mixes – make sense for the bottom line but also form an integral part of the strategy as many farmers seek to move towards a more sustainable way of farming. So much so that work has shown that partnering crop protection sprays with the right adjuvant can add as much as 40% efficacy and over 1t/ha yield in a challenging situation.

This notion of getting more from less is only likely to continue, meaning it’s more important than ever to make use of all the tools in the toolbox – with adjuvants being among those which have the potential to make a huge difference.