Drill Manufacturer – Mzuri

Introducing Mzuri’s Latest Innovation: The Pro-Til iGen Linkage Direct Drill, Making Mzuri Seeding Technology More Accessible than Ever

Mzuri, a renowned name in agricultural machinery, proudly introduces its latest innovation – the Pro-Til iGen linkage machine. This new model is strategically designed to provide a cost-effective alternative to the manufacturers premium range all while maintaining the high standards of Mzuri technology that users have come to trust.

Quality without Compromise

The Pro-Til iGen stands out with its commitment to quality, a hallmark of Mzuri products. The manufacturer is proud to present this latest range which demonstrates a wide range of innovative features, not usually associated with machines in this price range.

Impressive Features

One of the standout features of the Pro-Til iGen is its large 2,200-litre seed tank, pressurized for efficient metering and conveying of seed accurately, even at high forward speeds. This design ensures minimal downtime and an impressive overall output, providing farmers with a reliable and productive seeding solution.

The Pro-Til iGen 300 fitted with independent spring loaded coulters with individual depth wheels.

Proven Mzuri Technology

Staying true to the Mzuri Technology blueprint for consistent crop establishment, the Pro-Til iGen features a leading tine, dual reconsolidation and independent coulters. Unique to this machine, the Pro-Til iGen features a full-width packer that ensures accurate depth control, producing a uniform, level seedbed reconsolidated against air pockets.

Seed Delivery Options

Seed is delivered into reconsolidated zones through two optional coulter configurations. Independent spring-loaded coulters, each equipped with its own depth wheel, offer precise seed placement and reconsolidation of the seeding zone. For a simpler format, users can configure the Pro-Til iGen with two rows of spring tines.

A double harrow bar follows to provide a uniform field finish ideally suited to pre-emergence chemistry application.

Versatile Wearing Metal

The Pro-Til iGen’s leading point is compatible with a range of wings, providing flexibility for different degrees of soil disturbance based on field conditions. With a replaceable front point, the leading tine is fitted with a large tungsten carbide tip extending the wearing metal’s life expectancy.

Optional Extras for Enhanced Performance

Optional extras for the Pro-Til iGen include an additional tank for microfertiliser or chemistry application, marker arms, seed monitoring, and pre-emergence markers.

The Pro-Til iGen is a linkage direct drill built on proven Mzuri Technology

Accessible Seeding Technology

With the Pro-Til iGen, Mzuri makes its cutting-edge seeding technology more accessible than ever, offering operators a cost effective mounted solution to achieving Mzuri’s trademark consistent and even germination.