Starting the Regen Journey

Do you vividly recall the start of your journey into regenerative farming, can you pinpoint a specific enlightening moment? For some, this revelation is a regularly discussed topic, while for others, it unfolds as a gradual evolution. The changes introduced by SFI (Sustainable Farming Incentive) this year, however, are compelling new farmers to embrace regenerative farming practices, and the driving force behind this shift is unmistakably profit.

The nexus between regenerative farming and profitability has sometimes been deemed controversial, with profit not being the driving ethos of regenerative agriculture. However, for me, prioritising profitable farming is fundamental to all businesses. With that “profit” being balanced over the short and long term.

The recent paradigm shift, wherein farmers are financially incentivised for conservation practices (instead of area based subsidies), has created a substantial surge in readership for this magazine. Whether in the traditional hard copy format or through digital mediums such as website views and PDF downloads (available free of charge on our website), a burgeoning audience is delving into the intricacies of regenerative practices. Interestingly, this new cohort of farmers won’t identify as “Regen Farmers” and probably harbour reservations about such a classification.

Acknowledging the potentially divisive nature of the term, there maybe emerges a need for a more inclusive term —perhaps “Commercial Regen” signifying farmers who pragmatically adopt select regenerative techniques that prove profitable. Recognising this, we have collaborated with Cereals to establish a dedicated space within the show tailored for farms embarking on or contemplating the start of their regenerative journey. This “Introduction to Regen” segment aims to explain the most lucrative methods to commence the regenerative journey, offering insights into optimising the benefits of SFI payments and leveraging the enduring soil enhancements achievable through the implementation of selected regenerative practices. If this sounds like you, then we look forward to seeing you at Direct Driller @ Cereals on 11th and 12th June 2024.