Issue 26 SupplementMar 2024

Issue 26 Biostimulants

The Growing Challenge

Climate change is causing more frequent and extreme weather events that can significantly impact crop development and yield. HeatwavesHigh temperatures can slow the rate of photosynthesis as plants cannot transpire fast enough to remain cool. This reduces energy production and therefore impacts crop development. Heat stress at flowering and fruiting can cause flower and fruit …

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Biostimulant Building Blocks

Helping you adapt to growing uncertainty Over the past five years the potential resilience and sustainability benefits of biostimulants has captured the attention of the whole industry, becoming the fastest growing segment in ag. But with limited knowledge and experience it is no doubt daunting, and even inconceivable for some farmers, to consider how biostimulants …

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Building Performance with Bridgeway

Heat stress, drought and disease all have the potential to threaten crop performance, but incorporating biostimulants into the programme can help prepare crops to cope better. That’s the advice from Stuart Sutherland, technical manager at Interagro who says biostimulants are becoming increasingly valuable tools within the wider IPM toolbox for building stronger, healthier more resilient …

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Cultivating Sustainability

From small holding to globally integrated farming and food business, award-winning vegetable producer, Barfoots, has put sustainability at the front and centre of its operation — with biostimulants an increasingly important tool in its crop management strategy. The Barfoots business was founded in 1976 when fifth generation farmer Peter Barfoot started growing courgettes at the …

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Co-creation Unearths the Course to Profitability

Transitioning clients towards more sustainable farming practices has become a passion for one Dorset contract farming business — with soil and plant health forming a key part of the resilience strategy. Long before regenerative farming became fashionable, the A&R Fraser family in Dorset realised adopting more sustainable farming practices was crucial for the long-term viability …

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