New Partnership Between Bourgault Tillage Tools and Grange Machinery

Bourgault Tillage Tools UK are pleased to announce that after many months of discussions and development with Grange Machinery that we have been chosen to supply our globally renown VOS (Versatile Opener System) Seeding Coulter System to the new Tine Drill Toolbar’ (TDT) from Grange Machinery.

Rhun Jones, Managing Director of Grange Machinery says ‘When we decided to manufacture a tine drill to add to our growing range we started with a blank sheet of paper and an open mind. We spoke to many customers and all areas of the design were up for grabs. Regarding the seeding coulter, we looked at what was already available in the market and potentially what we would want if we were to develop our own. It soon became clear that if we were to develop our ideal that it would be like the Bourgault VOS System and therefore partnering with such a renowned global leader like Bourgault Tillage Tools in this market made complete sense.

Grange Machinery would not only have the continuity of supply but with Bourgault Tillage Tools being ISO registered we would have a complete quality audit trail to rely on.

All of this managed by Ian and Stuart who head up the BTT UK Team makes for the ideal scenario and extensive product support and invaluable experience with our new model being used in varying soil types and ground conditions.

The Grange Tine Drill Toolbar’ (TDT) is being supplied with the Bourgault 688-HLD-2000 holder and the 610-TIP-4030, 4 inch paired row tip as standard. This high chromium tip with a strategically placed ¾ inch carbide nose tile which not only does most of the work of the coulter, but also creates a drainage channel below where the seed is placed. The wings leading edges also have carbide tiles which are mounted on the underside of the wing, this gives the ability to sharpen as it wears, thus creating less disturbance which then leads to more consistent seed placement. Two further small underside rear tungsten tile pads give a firming area for the seed and stops wear from soil pressure on the rear of the tip. The design of the seed flow plenum means that the 4030 Tip can deliver high seed rates accurately and consistently with exceptional wear rates.

688-HLD-2000 Holder and 610-TIP-4030 TIP


With the 688-HLD-2000 Holder, there is also the option to quickly and easily change from the 4030 paired row tip using the unique and proven Stainless Steel Square Nut / Round Bolt securing system to a narrower single shoot seeding system the 610-TIP-0802 (19mm option) which are often used to sow oilseeds and pulses.

Stainless Steel Square Nut / Round Bolt securing system

Ian Clayton-Bailey (Managing Director of Bourgault Tillage Tools UK) explains that getting another UK OEM on board is part of our company’s vision for the future. Globally Bourgault Tillage Tools supply many OEMs with their wearing parts – It is what we specialise in, and working with likeminded companies like Grange Machinery enables both companies to deliver high-quality, cost-effective machines that will deliver what the end users want.

For more information visit both Bourgault Tillage Tools UK OR Grange Machinery stands at both Cereals or Groundswell.