Welcome to the Groundswell 2024 Issue

We are thrilled it’s that time of year again, Groundswell 2024 issue. A special event dedicated to the transformative world of regenerative
agriculture. Groundswell, has become known as a beacon of innovation, knowledge sharing, and community building for farmers, the supply
chain and practitioners dedicated to sustainable and resilient farming practices.

This year’s event promises to be a landmark gathering, featuring an array of workshops, talks, demonstrations, and exhibitions that highlight the latest advancements in regenerative agriculture. As we navigate the challenges of SFI, climate change, soil degradation, and biodiversity loss, the insights and technologies showcased at Groundswell are more crucial than ever.

Following that lead, this edition covers those same themes. We all know healthy soil is the foundation of productive and sustainable agriculture. Through cover cropping, reduced tillage, and a better understanding of organic processes, farmers can enhance soil structure, increase water retention, and foster a thriving microbial ecosystem. This edition continues to delve deep into these practices, offering practical advice and real-world farmer experiences (the real experts).

We have also set out our plans to highlight technology and innovation as driving forces behind the large-scale adoption of regenerative farming. We hope you all have enjoyed the first two technology issues. From advanced soil sensors and data analytics to cuttingedge
machinery, the tools available to today’s farmers are changing how we approach agriculture.

But as we all know, Groundswell is not just about techniques and tools; it’s about community. The event fosters a spirit of collaboration and
mutual support, offering numerous networking opportunities. Farmers, researchers, policymakers, and industry leaders come together to
share experiences, forge partnerships, and inspire one another. We also tend to enjoy a drink together and share the amazing food that will be on offer.

We look forward to seeing you all at Groundswell 2024.