Farm Manager Seeking Regenerative Role

A practical and innovative farm manager wishing to go beyond sustainability seeks a hands-on position to focus on clean and resilient food, fibre and energy production; soil restoration and natural capital enhancement. Please

Agronomist in Focus – Richard Harding

Always start with why…? Four years ago, John Cherry and I were having an enlightened conversation while seated around his kitchen table discussing the future of agronomy. This was several years after John and his brother Paul along with Paul’s son Alex, had founded the Groundswell Conference in Hertfordshire. Attending Groundswell, meeting Frederic Thomas, being …

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Groundswell 2022 Catchup

Farmers and growers flocked to the sixth annual Groundswell, the UK’s largest regenerative agricultural show in lateJune this year. It was another sell-out event with 5,500 attendees who travelled to North Hertfordshire for two days ofinformation exchange, inspiration and a bit of liquid refreshment during the worst drought since 1976. Written by Alex Cherry With …

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The 3.5% Rule

The “3.5% rule” refers to the claim that no government or organisation has withstood a challenge of this percentage of their population or membership mobilised against it during a peak event. This rule is based on an insight that political scientist Mark Lichbach developed in his 1995 book “The Rebel’s Dilemma”. In it, he speculates …

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