Agronomist in Focus: Lisa Hambly

Having started my career at Dalgety Agriculture too many years ago, I was hooked. Farming is so diverse, and there are many opportunities available from a nutritionist to an agronomist. I tried on a few different hats and was lucky enough to have support from some great people along the way. When I realised that I loved growing things and helping people do the best job possible, I decided to focus on agronomy.

To be or not to be

Never fear, I’m not venturing into Shakespeare here. Not only are my writing skills lacking, but I can’t see Direct Driller ever making it to the stage either. However, I am questioning the desire to be labelled a “regenerative farmer”. Do you want or need to be labelled at all? This is not quite weighing …

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Drill Manufacturer in Focus – Jeff Claydon

Since the start of 2024 it has become evident that farmers all over the world have been pushed to the point where rising costs, increasing legislation and governmental pressures have left them with little choice but to make their feelings known to politicians in no uncertain terms. As I write this, it seems as if farmers everywhere are protesting. In the UK, throughout Europe and as far afield as the USA, Canada and Australia, the slogan ‘No Farmers, No Food, No Future’ is being seen everywhere.

Who owns regen?

It is clear that the term ‘Regen ag’ is now becoming as confused and meaningless as ‘min-till’.    The question of ‘what is Regen’ now happens with regular occurrence.   Worryingly there now seems to be, in the UK at least, organisations who are keen to control the narrative and take ownership of the term regen for …

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