DD Conference Area within Cereals


Each session will have a main guest speaker who will speak for roughly 20 minutes followed by a 20 minute panel
question and answer session. The panel will consist of a farmer, an agronomist, a person from the trade and the host.

Topic 1: SFI, what to claim and how to profit from regen ag.

9:30 – 10:30
What SFI options are you claiming? SAM1, HRW3, AHL1, AHL2, AB1, AB8 and others all work in combination with regen ag farming. What’s better than getting paid once? Getting paid twice and improving your soils at the same time. But what are the best combinations for different soils types and farms…?

Topic 2: Machinery and regen ag.

11:00 – 12 noon
Many say that the more you embrace regen ag then the less machinery you need. With the new SFI requirements, things like toppers are becoming as essential as the direct drills themselves, but what are the easy wins? To decrease your fuel spend each year and release the capital expenditure on machinery…

Topic 3: Cover crops; What they do to your soils and how they deliver profit into your business.

13:00 – 14:00
Firstly, there are cover crops and then there are cover crops! With so many different mixes and so many different options, cheap mixes might meet the needs of a scheme, but if you want to double the benefit of better rooting, soils and biomass, then spending a bit more on the right mix for your farm will see an increased benefit!

Topics 4: Nutritional benefits from regen farming

14:30 – 15:30
SAM1 is paying farmers to better understand their soils and have a plan, but do you know how the various indices interact and how getting them right leads to increased yield? We look into how the right nutrition leads to higher profits and better soil.

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