Moore Unidrill Celebrates 50 Years of Innovation with the All-New Grain & Fert Hopper Unidrill

In the realm of agricultural machinery, where innovation meets tradition, Moore Unidrill stands tall as a pioneer in direct drilling technology. This year marks the golden anniversary of the company’s groundbreaking invention, the Original and Still the Best Direct Seed Drill, and to commemorate this milestone, Moore Unidrill has unveiled the All-New Grain & Fert Hopper Unidrill, a testament to five decades of relentless dedication to perfecting direct drilling.

For half a century, Moore Unidrill has been at the forefront of revolutionizing agricultural practices with its direct drilling solutions. The company’s commitment to innovation and sustainability has set a standard that continues to resonate with farmers globally. The unveiling of the All-New Grain & Fert Hopper Unidrill not only pays tribute to the company’s rich history but also signals a new era of efficiency and versatility for farmers who want an adaptable, reliable, and quality direct drill.

The machine’s simplicity is a testament to Moore Unidrill’s commitment to providing farmers with machinery that is both user-friendly and dependable. The machine uses two Accord Metering Units and one Hydraulic Fan. This keeps the machine simple and easy to calibrate as well as using common of the shelf parts which are readily available from stock. The soil engaging part of the machine uses the same components as all other models of the Unidrill so you can be reassured that back up and parts availability will not be a problem to any Moore Unidrill owner.

Moore Unidrill’s launch of the Grain & Fert Hopper Unidrill at the LAMMA 2024 exhibition was met with great anticipation from the farming community. The machine’s cutting-edge seed hopper design and advanced features position it as a game-changer in the agricultural direct drill market.

The New Grain & Fert Hopper Unidrill’s key innovation lies in its ability to seamlessly integrate fertilization with the seed drilling process. This drill can apply two different products in one pass. It can be two types of seeds or seed and fertiliser or a combination with e.g. slug pellets or only one type of seed. This dual functionality not only enhances efficiency but also brings economic benefits to the farmer. By simultaneously applying fertiliser with the seed, the machine ensures optimal nutrient distribution, leading to improved crop yields and healthier plants.

The advantages of this integrated approach to seeding and fertilising extend beyond the economic realm. The environmental impact is reduced as well, with minimized soil disturbance and lower energy consumption compared to conventional drilling methods.

One of the standout features of the Grain & Fert Hopper Unidrill is its adaptability. This versatile machine is not limited to a single type of seed or fertilizer, offering farmers the flexibility to diversify their crops without investing in multiple pieces of equipment. Whether it’s different varieties of seeds or distinct fertilizers tailored to specific soil conditions, the Grain & Fert Hopper Unidrill caters to multiple seeding tasks.

The All-New Grain & Fert Hopper Unidrill will also be eligible for the FETF grant in the UK. For more information about this popular grant, we encourage farmers to check the DEFRA website or contact Moore Unidrill directly.

The All-New Grain & Fert Hopper Unidrill stands as a beacon of progress in the agricultural machinery industry. Moore Unidrill’s 50-year journey, marked by a commitment to excellence and sustainability, has culminated in a machine that not only honours its past but also paves the way for a more efficient, adaptable, and environmentally conscious future in farming. As we salute the achievements of the past, let us also look forward to the next 50 years of innovation, growth, and success for Moore Unidrill and the farmers it continues to support.