Drill Manufacturer – Dale Drills

The press wheels keep on turning here at Dale Drills, as we give you the lowdown on our latest product innovations, as well as our eligibility regarding the FETF grant scheme.

Introducing Dale Drills Latest Innovations

To match our Eco range of seed drills, our Mounted Tine Drill (MTD) range has been upgraded to include a split tank option, allowing for simultaneous sowing of two different seeds or products. The narrow double coulters place the two products, one beneath the other, behind the 12mm wide tungsten tipped tines as they penetrate the soil. The 1500-liter hopper, divided evenly, integrates two Accord seed metering units (one of which is a heavier duty Fertiliser metering unit) managed through an RDS Isocan control system.

Available in working widths from 3 to 8 meters and with row spacing options of 12.5, 16.6, 18.75, 20, or 25 centimetres, the MTD meets the increasing demand among farmers to diversify their seeding techniques.

James Dale notes, “We’ve noticed more farmers looking to incorporate multiple seeds or products with the drill. This split hopper feature, a novelty for mounted tine drills, offers farmers significant versatility at a competitive price. Making the drill eligible for FETF206 grant (the best paying option for direct drills) is an added benefit for farmers at the moment.”

Additionally, Dale Drills’ premier Eco Drill range has had its options list improved. One enhancement is a rubber semi-pneumatic press wheel designed for customers only looking at using the 10″ row spacing configuration. This press wheel effectively compacts soil around the seed, utilizing its flexible rubber material and an optional scraper to prevent soil adherence.

Another new option for the Eco range is the Scorpion drilling assembly. Also aimed at farmers wanting to drill at 25cm row spacing, the scorpion utilises a single narrow tine fitted with a double seed boot (for multiple product application). This tine is followed up by a pair of Guttler rings attached to a tandem axle. Strategically angled, the Guttlers redistribute soil over the seeded row, efficiently compacting it around the seed for improved germination conditions.

Dale Drills and FETF Eligibility

In a recent announcement, DEFRA has disclosed the opening round of a new phase for the Farming Equipment and Technology Fund (FETF) grant applications. This funding initiative serves as a valuable resource for farmers looking to invest in cutting-edge equipment and technology, with the aim of enhancing productivity and promoting environmental sustainability.

Dale Drills is delighted to confirm that once again, its range of No Till Seed Drills qualifies for inclusion in this funding program. In the previous cycle, numerous customers successfully secured FETF grants to support their investment in a new machine from our ECO and MTD range.

Dale Drills remains committed to assisting farmers in optimizing their operations through innovative equipment, and the FETF presents a valuable opportunity for those seeking to integrate our seed drills into their farming practices. Don’t miss the chance to enhance your productivity and contribute to a more sustainable agricultural landscape. Contact us today to explore how Dale Drills can be a strategic partner in your journey towards efficient and environmentally conscious farming.