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Thank you to those who has signed up to be a Direct Driller Patron after the last issue. Our farmer writers are now rewarded for sharing their hard-earned knowledge and our readers have the facility to place a value upon that. The Direct Driller Patron programme gives readers the opportunity to “pay it forward” and place a value on what they get from the magazine. But only once they feel they have learned something valuable.

We urge everyone reading to consider how much value you have gained from the information in the magazine.
Has it saved you money? Inspired you to try something different? Entertained you? Helped you understand or
solve a problem? If the answer is “Yes”, please become a patron so that we can attract more new readers to the
magazine and they can in turn learn without any barriers to knowledge.

Simply scan the QR code to become a patron and support the continued growth and success of the magazine.
Pay it forward and pass on the ability to read the magazine to another farmer.

Clive and the rest of the Direct Driller team