Drill Manufacturers In Focus…

With an increasing number of growers now reaping the benefits of lower disturbance drilling such as the Mzuri
system, we take a closer look at other implements which can prove invaluable to those on the direct drilling journey.

Stubble Rake

As we say on our own farm, ‘It starts with the combine’. The first step in direct drilling a typical field is combining the previous crop, so it is only right that this step sets up the field for effective drilling and makes best use of any remaining crop residue. That’s why we like to use the Rezult stubble rake to even out any combine mishaps and ensure an even coverage of straw across the field. Fitted with leading discs, these make an invaluable addition to any rake for chopping surface straw and mixing it with surface tilth to accelerate decomposition. This tilth also makes it easy to create stale seedbeds and encourages a flush of weeds and volunteers ahead of drilling.

A couple of passes of the Rezult, a few weeks apart can make best use of chemistry for an effective weed kill. By opting for a stubble rake with leading discs, it also gives operators the added flexibility to use as a means of establishing low-cost cover crops when fitted with a seeder box.

The Rezult rake is also an ideal tool for cutting slug activity, particularly in OSR stubbles, where disrupting slug habitats and exposing eggs to the midday heat has huge advantages for reducing slug populations in the following crop. For Rezult’s fitted with a seeder box, slug bait can be applied at the same time to pack an even bigger punch.

Low Disturbance Subsoiler

Whether it forms part of the transition to direct drilling, or used periodically for fields requiring remedial care, a low disturbance subsoiler is a great addition to the direct driller’s arsenal. Our Rehab low disturbance subsoiler has been redesigned for 2021 featuring leading discs, shearbolt protected legs and heavy-duty V-shaped roller packer. As direct drillers turn to less disturbance, some growers report experiencing compaction issues at depths of 6”-8” as a result of machinery passes or long periods of heavy rainfall. The Rehab has been designed to alleviate this type of compaction whilst staying true to growers’ requirements for low disturbance.

The Rehab features spring loaded pivoting discs which act to slice through topsoil and crop residue, allowing the following leg to lift and aerate the soil profile whilst minimising disturbance to the field surface. A generous leg spacing of 500mm and a stagger of 750mm promotes an excellent flow of crop residue through the implement to reduce the risk of blocking up in high-residue environments – something which is important to maintain for many direct drillers. Operators can determine the level of fracture through the soil profile by choosing from three wing widths including 55mm, 115mm and 135mm. The legs are protected by ‘hammer-thru’ shearbolts rather than hydraulically pressurised to maintain maximum draft control and the correct draft angle of the wing for more efficient use and lower disturbance.

When designing the Rehab, it was important to create an implement that would leave the field with a weatherproof finish, perfect for direct drilling. The Rehab achieves this by incorporating a V-shaped packer roller which is designed to consolidate either side of the leg and leave an even finish. By minimising surface disturbance and working with previous crop residue, the Rehab achieves better moisture retention whilst ensuring sufficient lifting of the soil profile, complimenting direct crop establishment.