Drill Manufacturers In Focus…

2021 has been a very positive year here at Simtech. A bulging order book, coupled
with a move towards producing everything we sell in the UK from our Suffolk
base, has not been without many challenges. Added to this is a complete re-design
of the entire pneumatic range, as well as some smaller changes to other models.

The main change to our pneumatic models is that we are now building our own hoppers, rather than buying in readymade assemblies, but we are still fitting the tried and tested Sulky metering and distribution system, that we have been using since launching our pneumatic range in 2012. However the configuration is now very different from previous models, with the distribution head now mounted at the rear of the hopper and much lower down for ease of access.

Calibration is now done by a front facing stainless steel chute, which directs the seed into a large bucket that is supplied with each drill. The same chute is also used to empty the hopper at the end of each job.

Hopper capacities remain at 1000 litres for the 3m model, but increase to 1300 litres for the 4m version and upwards to 1700 litres for the folding 4.8 & 6m machines. In addition we have placed the hoppers on all the drills as far forward as possible to minimise the weight on the back of the tractor. 3 & 4m models have a large platform area and lower level hopper for easier access and the new design height adjustable level sensor can be reached from the outside.

The big change to the folding models is a new design to allow the entire weight of the hopper/centre frame assembly to bear down onto the two drilling frames along their centrelines. This means that the whole weight of the drill is pushing down evenly across its entire width, but the 2 drilling frames can pivot along their individual centrelines to allow them to follow the ground contours. Added to this is a new simple system for adjusting depth, consisting of a spiral cam and a spring loaded plunger, which allows for 18 individual settings in its 0 to 10cm drilling depth range. With the exception of the 4m model, we have rolled out this new design across the whole T-Sem range. 

Come and see us at Lamma 22 on stand 18.360, where we will be please to speak with you about our exciting new range and enable you to tap into our extensive experience on reducing tillage and converting to a more sustainable farming model.