Drill Manufacturers In Focus…


At Weaving Machinery, we believe in offering effective and user-friendly low disturbance machinery at an
affordable price, all designed according to the real needs and requests of farmers

Yield is always a massive consideration on farms, and this is true now more than ever – as Clarkson’s Farm highlighted, profit margins are tight – therefore current high input prices require high output for the balance sheet to wash its face. To that end, the last couple of years have seen more and more businesses recognise the benefits low disturbance machinery can bring to production and sustainability. For example, all our machines are built to use as little fuel as possible, a strength more prudent than ever with fuel prices at an all-time high. So, the combination of efficient fuel consumption and less time on the land makes direct drilling an increasingly attractive opportunity. As a result, we’ve had a strong volume of orders and are now taking extra steps to not only meet that demand but also create new machinery that reflect the needs of our customers, immediately and for years to come.

This year, we launched our new Dual Disc, designed to run in front of seed drills to cut through cover crops and trash, even at high residue levels, in a low disturbance farming system. The Dual Disc works perfectly with both our GD and Sabre Tine drills which therefore benefits the two general routes we are seeing farmers opt for; many are looking to use a GD to drill into cover crops with a disc while others choose to transition into direct drilling at a more incremental pace with a Sabre Tine. We want to make each route viable and accessible for everyone.

Speaking of the Sabre Tine, we’re delighted to announce that a new model is coming this year. Our new 8 metre mounted Sabre Tine, ideal for larger farms, will launch in the autumn, following lots of demand over the last couple of years. As well as extending our main product offering, we have also taken on some bespoke product development over the last few months, which has included a few “mini” GDs for drilling cover crops in towns and cities as well as for drilling vineyards. Another way Weaving Machinery demonstrates its commitment to prioritising the needs of our customers even where the requirement is not an ‘off the shelf’ product. We’ve noticed more farmers opting for a low disturbance top-soiler to relieve surface compaction and get air in their soil. Our LD Top-Soiler effectively lifts the ground like a carpet and lets air in, before gently setting it down. This reduces compaction, improves drainage, and helps worm population levels all without mixing the soil profile. Demonstrations of our LD will be available by arrangement throughout the spring and summer drilling seasons.

Internally, we’ve also taken the step of investing in a new production hall at our home base in Evesham. The time was right to ramp up our capabilities and achieve a higher throughput, and we’re doing so without halting or delaying ongoing production. The revamped production hall will include new welders, holding bays, spray paint cupboards, and an automated shot blaster – one of the largest in the UK, in fact. Steel will come in one door and go out the other as premium low disturbance machinery.

In addition to the physical enhancements, we have also invested in human resource, with a new Production Supervisor, Purchaser and Warehouse Manager joining the team over the last six months, each bringing more knowledge and experience to the team as well as a new Service Technician dedicated exclusively to the eastern counties. Why does this matter? Because we aren’t just passionate about manufacturing best in class and affordable equipment, but also making our own internal processes slicker and smoother. Our intention is to double production, and the improved facilities and broader skill set will help us get there. As always, our actions are determined by our customers. We pride ourselves on listening to what our farmers need from us. That’s how we can keep delivering the exceptional service and personal support that our customers expect and deserve. The next year will see us taking that mission towards new and exciting developments in low disturbance machinery, including wider drills and more.

Despite the challenges and uncertainty, 2022 is an exciting time for British farming. We at Weaving Machinery are working hard to ensure we – and our customers – are always moving forward and achieving more in low disturbance farming.

To see our machines in action, be sure to join us at LAMMA in May and Groundswell in June. We hope to see you there.