Crop Protection Products On Farmdeals

In just its first year of building the UK’s first digital buying group Farmdeals has secured many reputable suppliers in most areas of the UK for products such as fuel, fertilisers and feed. However, it has been disappointing that to date we have been unable to supply a full range of crop protection products. Despite every other buying group being able to offer product, we have struggled. For some reason the existing supply chain doesn’t seem to like the idea of Farmdeals. While we see ourselves as just another buying group, the supply clearly does not.

Disruption to bring better price to farmers requires lateral thinking. Seeing how FBN in the USA have solved a similar issue has shown us there are other ways. An article by AgWeb in the USA about FBN shows how much things can change, it’s an interesting read, scan the QR Code below to see it. Speaking to and inspired by what FBN have achieved, we have secured our own direct supply. In 2023 we will have limited availability of most of the main generics used. It is out hope that this will come with game changing prices, with a target of 20% below the average market price. To achieve this though we need our members help, a chance for farmers to work together to change the market in their favour.

The best prices will come if we can commit to volume, to do this we need an idea of what FarmDeals members (and those of you still to join!) might need. Filling out our form and estimating what you think you might use in 2023 will help us get the best possible deal for you.

It doesn’t need to be completely accurate, and we are not asking for any commitment. But those that fill out the form will have priority on the product volume we secure at the lowest possible price for 2023.