The Media We Consume


We are becoming increasing divided by the type of media we consume. We see this on Twitter, The Farming Forum, LinkedIn and Facebook. Everyone tends to read sites and articles that reflect their own views. Reinforcing what they already think, the way they evaluate problems and how they react. This is often referred to as the farming echo chamber.

This means that often we have no idea what other people think and disregard them as outliers to the way we think. The internet has most certainly made this worse, Facebook encourage it. We need to integrate and share knowledge more. Knowledge needs to be more democratic. It shouldn’t matter where it comes from. Farmers need to be shown both sides to an argument and be allowed to choose the path that is then right for them. At the moment content is dictated by too few sources. There are around 800 websites around farming that have knowledge on them. How many do you read a week or even a year?

How do we change this?

No one wants to read they are wrong; no one wants to face their failings. It’s tough to accept, but mistakes are a part of life. You should just be able to say, “that was a bit stupid” and apologise if necessary.

I have always said what I think. But then my career does not depend on being part of a structure. I can set my own structure. It is, however, important to know why you are taking a position and be able to back it up by facts. It should not just be based on the position of the institution you are part of. You and only you are responsible for what you believe and the arguments you choose to put forward.

You are free to change that opinion as more facts are presented. You should constantly be in a state of selfreflection. Objective truth exists, we should be questioning whether we are making a conscious choice to adhere only to information that does not challenge our position. Be aware of your own confirmation bias.

The easiest way to do this is to read more and from more sources. Expand your horizons, it may not change your view every time, but knowledge and understanding breeds sustainability in businesses. Get out there and read!