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The KUHN Performer is a deep cultivator, available in working widths from 3 to 7 metres, designed to prepare the soil for minimum tillage drilling. The Performer fulfils four cultivation tasks in one, by chopping, mixing, loosening, and levelling the soil in just one pass.

At the front of the machine there are two rows of hydraulically adjustable, 510mm cutting discs. The discs are capable of cutting through crop residues and root systems and can be used independently for stubble cultivation at depths of 10 centimetres, even at higher speeds. The discs are followed by hydraulically pressured tines with options for 80mm standard points, 50mm carbide points with deflectors, or 80mm and 50mm carbide points. The carbide coating provides strength and durability, making the tine longer lasting. The tines can be adjusted to operate at depths of 5 to 35 centimetres, depending on the point chosen, to cover a wide variety of soil types.

Behind the running wheels, are four rows of tines set at equal widths that perform an in-depth mix, incorporating any residues and straw into the soil. Also available as standard on the Performer are 350mm carbide wings.

In addition, a single row of star shaped levelling discs provide a fine tilth. At the rear of the Performer is a double U-shaped packer or the option of an HD liner roller to roll the soil and leave an even finish.

All of the Performer’s functions are adjustable from within the cab using KUHN’s KTH 105 selector terminal which only requires one double acting valve for the axle and a single acting valve for the safety legs. The discs can be operated independently for stubble cultivation and the roller can be lifted and carried above the soil when not required.

The Performer range is designed for tractors with outputs of between 180 horsepower for the 3 metre machine and 420 horsepower for the 7 metre model. It also folds to less than 3 metres, making it ideal for tight gates and narrow lanes.