Unleashing the Potential of Agri-Tech

Written by Chris Fellows In the realm of agriculture, a technological revolution is underway, reshaping the landscape from traditional practices to cutting-edge innovations. This transformation, encapsulated by the term “agri-tech,” is not merely about mechanised machinery or futuristic drones; it represents a multifaceted evolution that spans the entire agricultural supply chain not just changes on …

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The Growing Challenge

Climate change is causing more frequent and extreme weather events that can significantly impact crop development and yield. HeatwavesHigh temperatures can slow the rate of photosynthesis as plants cannot transpire fast enough to remain cool. This reduces energy production and therefore impacts crop development. Heat stress at flowering and fruiting can cause flower and fruit …

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Biostimulant Building Blocks

Helping you adapt to growing uncertainty Over the past five years the potential resilience and sustainability benefits of biostimulants has captured the attention of the whole industry, becoming the fastest growing segment in ag. But with limited knowledge and experience it is no doubt daunting, and even inconceivable for some farmers, to consider how biostimulants …

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Building Performance with Bridgeway

Heat stress, drought and disease all have the potential to threaten crop performance, but incorporating biostimulants into the programme can help prepare crops to cope better. That’s the advice from Stuart Sutherland, technical manager at Interagro who says biostimulants are becoming increasingly valuable tools within the wider IPM toolbox for building stronger, healthier more resilient …

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Damage limitation and root support for flooded crops

Featuring John Haywood from Unium Bioscience With rainfall totals reaching the highest recorded since the year 2000, many winter crops have been in standing water for prolonged periods. Research indicates that the longer winter crops are exposed to flooded conditions the more significant the impact, as one might anticipate. According to experts, supporting roots in …

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