Direct Driller Issue 24 Contents

Tips for transitioning

Overview: Reduced or minimum tillage requires soils to be in good condition for an efficient…

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A Word From the Editor

Sarah Ferrie, Marketing Manager, Interagro It’s no secret that agriculture finds itself in both an…

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Issues at Spraying

Factors that could be reducing your crop protection efficacy through the season Spraying delays /…

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Adjuvant Solutions

The right tank-mix adjuvant can help maximise success Vital components or expensive extras? The use…

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Back up with Backrow Max®

With residual herbicide performance at risk from unpredictable weather and challenging application conditions, incorporating an…

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Keep going with Kantor®

Challenging weather, suboptimal spraying conditions and tank-mix incompatibility can all put added pressure on spraying…

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Flash, crackle, pop

Concentrated light technology has passed proof of concept as a form of weed control and…

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Welcome to the first tech focussed edition of Direct Driller Magazine. From now on, issues will rotate between soils issues and tech issues.


Old-fashioned farming with modern technology – page 4.
It’s 2030, so how have we done? – page 4.
Labour pains push robotic pickers – page 6.
Industry-leading research in robotics and automation – page 12.
Flash, crackle, pop – page 14.
Agronomist in Focus – Todd Jex – page 16.
The win-wins of regenerative agriculture – page 19.
Robots find their way into farmers fields – page 22.
Bayer and Microsoft forge a new frontier – page 26.
Robitics and perception in agriculture – page 28
What will appear at FIRA24? -30
Farmer Focus – Thomas Gent – 36
From hands-free hectare to aerial delivery – 37
Farmer Focus – Daniel Davies – 39
Catapult plans for UK agritech – 41
Shedding light on LED grow lighting – 46
Drilling down into fixed costs – 48
Farmer Focus – Simon Beddows – 50
Making methane practical – 52
Hitting rock bottom – 53
Basics best for hi-tech wine – 56
Biochar venture wins equity investment – 59
Farmer Focus – Clive Bailye – 61
Manufacturer Focus – Vaderstad – 63