Drill Manufacturers In Focus…


We at Weaving Machinery always listen to what our farmers need, so we can continue offering innovative machinery at affordable prices.

This approach has resulted in the launch of our new GD3001T to meet demands from farmers for a scaled-down version of larger trail models. The 3m trailed disc drill packs exceptional power into a compact design for handling grain and fertiliser. Dual cropping is also an option – the drill’s front row can be used for small seeds and the back row coulters for large seeds, making cover cropping straightforward and simple. Alternatively, both tanks can be used for grain. Whether you have a mixed farm or want excellent performance at a smaller scale, this is a powerful new drill that offers consistently high-level operation.

Following customer requests, we are also proud to release our new Front Tank. Up until now, these have been built purely for our Combi Drills. As more and more farmers seek better weight distribution, we saw a way to upgrade our offering. The new tank is fitted with a sleek stainless steel double metering unit, higher output capabilities, a twoton capacity, and extra “quality of life” features like front row lights and built-in cameras to aid pulling out at junctions. 

We are also pleased to announce our new Shortdisc, which makes ease of use a priority along with better performance for chopping up trash at shallower depths, thanks to the new wavy disc design.

The new cast V ring rollers can handle wet or dry conditions without blockage, and each of the 3 sections can be easily replaced in the unlikely event this is necessary. Additionally, the Shortdisc can be used alongside our multi-purpose Magnum Seeder for drilling cover crops while going over stubble. Constructed entirely in the UK, the new Shortdisc is available in working widths of 3, 4, or 5m.

Amongst our new offerings is the Fenix Grass Drill. After two wet winters in a row, a lot of farms are hoping to reseed their winter grass but are cautious about ploughing. This new drill which will be brought to market from April 2021 is built with this in mind, able to stitch grass in a narrow 3-inch row using its serrated disc, with a full width press roller at the back and an option to block off alternating coulters for wheat, barley or oats. With its 3 metre working width, 80-100 HP requirement and electric metering, this compact machine is designed to be small but mighty, ideal for smaller farms.

The requirements of successful farming are always changing. At Weaving, we never stop developing new equipment that meet the real needs of our farmers. In just the last couple of years we’ve had incredible feedback for our newest Sabre Tine Drill, which gives the user freedom to move towards either minimal cultivation or conventional cropping, all while handling damp conditions and needing very little horsepower. A new 8m width will be available in Autumn 2022.

We have also received an excellent response to our recent interrow Mounted IR Drill, which lets farmers drill two or three rows of grass between maize in all weather conditions resulting in significantly less soil erosion and compaction whilst providing a crop of grass for livestock during winter if necessary, or available for silage in early spring.

It’s been a difficult year for everyone but farming hasn’t slowed down. Neither have we. Weaving is dedicated to fitting the needs of our farmers, whatever they may be. Our popularity is due to our straightforward nature. What you see is what you get, the price you see is the price you pay, and we are always on hand to help set up and provide assistance as required. Following two difficult autumns, we would like all UK farmers to know that we’re geared up to deliver exceptional machinery and are here to help.

To see these machines in action, join us at Groundswell on 23rd-24th June. We hope to see you there.