Kuhn: Drill Manifacturer Update

3 in 1 with KUHN Espro

The KUHN 3000R, 4000 R and 6000 R Espro models can be specified with two small seed hoppers enabling up to three different products to be drilled at two depths in just one pass.

The smaller 3000 R offers a 2500 litre hopper whilst the larger Espro models are fitted with a 3,500 litre hopper. The time and fuel saving will be significant for operators looking to incorporate fertiliser, seed and potentially a cover crop or pesticide such as slug pellets.

The 3 metre model can be fitted with two hoppers from the KUHN range, the SH1120 sits on the drawbar and SH1540 is fixed on the rear. The 4000 R can be coupled to the SH1120 which mounts to the drawbar, with the larger SH2560 being mounted on the rear of the machine. The smaller SH1120 is well suited to slug pellets, whilst the larger could be used for a second seed type. Similarly, the larger 6 metre model, the 6000 R, can be specified with the same SH1120 hopper, but can also carry a larger SH4080 on the rear.

The additional hoppers also offer a way to reduce soil compaction by minimising the need for heavy machinery to be used for multiple passes. Whether direct drilling or drilling into cultivated land, the Espro can sow seed, fertiliser, and slug pellets in one pass. The additional hopper space could also be used to increase seed capacity, using the additional hoppers to sow two types of seed and fertiliser, should slug pellets not be needed.

The depth at which the seeds and products are drilled can also be adapted, enabling two different depths to be set. This enables the Espro to drill three products at two depths across a variety of soil types.

By using all three hoppers, operators can make significant fuel savings. The Espro is also well suited to medium to large-scale arable farmers and contractors thanks to the low power requirement and high output capacity.

There are four SH hoppers with capacities ranging from 110 litres to 400 litres. The application rate for the smallest in the range is 0.6kg/ha up to 65kg/ha whilst the largest offers an application rate of 2.2kg/ha up to 130kg/ha. The mid-range models offer 150 and 250 litres respectively and also provide an application rate of 2.2kg/ha up to 130kg/ha.

All SH hoppers feature a 12 V motorised Helica metering unit that uses fluted cells to provide constant and regular seed flow. The seeding rate can be adjusted without removing or changing any parts to speed up the process. The constant distribution and uniform seed positioning prevents competition between plants by providing sufficient surface area for plant development.

The Crossflex coulter bar is the key to the Espro range’s high working speeds. Each coulter is mounted on polyurethane blocks which allow the individual coulters to closely follow terrain contours. This ensures a consistent seeding depth across the machine’s full working width and enables accurate seeding to be carried out at high forward speeds. 

The Espro uses two rows of cultivating discs followed by a single row of large diameter (900mm) press wheels which are offset and fitted with specially designed deep tread tyres to create an ideal seedbed. Other options on the front are a levelling board, track eradicators, full width press wheels or press wheels and track eradicators in combination.