Soil Health Knowledge on The Farming Forum

About a year ago a whole new side of TFF was born – we called is Resources.  The main part of the site, is know by most for it’s farmer-to-farmer content, but the new section was designed specifically for formal knowledge.  Papers, trials, articles published from the wider industry to give farmers the formal and conversation on a topic in the same place.  Nearly 2000 pieces of knowledge  (283 hours of reading) have been added in this time and we have created a number of sections, to help you find more interesting content or for you to subscribe to.  It is becoming a fantastic place to read the detail about what is new in terms of research in the farming industry. In the past year this content has accessed over 1 million times. 

We will cover a couple of sections here:

Regenerative Agriculture –

Stats: 220 Resources – 31 hours of reading

The section on Regenerative Agriculture on The Farming Forum provides a section for farmers and experts to explain and exchange ideas on sustainable farming practices that can improve soil health, biodiversity, and farm profitability. The discussions cover a range of topics, including soil regeneration, crop rotation, agroforestry, cover crops, regenerative grazing, and sustainable livestock management. Contributors share their experiences, insights, and best practices, as well as the challenges they face in implementing regenerative agriculture techniques. The section aims to encourage farmers to adopt more sustainable farming practices and to foster a community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for sustainable agriculture.

Soil Health

Stats: 113 Resources – 16 hours of reading

The section dedicated to “Soil Science” contains various resources related to soil management and agriculture. It includes articles, discussions, and papers on topics such as soil fertility, soil health, soil testing, soil conservation, and soil amendments. The section also covers different types of soils and their characteristics, as well as techniques and tools for soil analysis and improvement. The resources are contributed by academics, farmers, agricultural experts, and soil scientists, providing a diverse range of perspectives and insights on soil science and its practical applications in farming.

Carbon –

Stats: 139 Resources – 14 hours of reading

The section on carbon on The Farming Forum website explains the concept of carbon farming and its potential benefits for farmers. Carbon farming involves implementing sustainable land management practices that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and sequester carbon in the soil and vegetation. By doing so, farmers can generate carbon credits, which can be sold to companies or governments that need to offset their carbon emissions. The section provides information on different carbon farming practices, such as cover cropping, reduced tillage, and agroforestry, and explains how to calculate carbon sequestration and estimate the value of carbon credits. It also includes case studies of farmers who have successfully implemented carbon farming practices and generated additional income through carbon credit sales.

Why we created Resources on TFF?

We know how valuable farmer to farmer recommendations are when it comes to making decisions on farm.  It’s why the Farmer Focus pieces in this magazine are deemed as the most useful by our readers.  However, it is always useful to get multiple views on any subject. When you can back up farmer anecdotal evidence with trials and research data, then the argument for change becomes overwhelming.  We wanted to create a situation where we could present both sides of any argument in one place.  We aren’t there yet, but the addition of Resources on TFF is a major step to getting there.