The New Normal

Written by Chris Fellows

We certainly confused a few in the last issue with the title change.  As you can see, we are back to normal now (see what we did there).  But the point stands, regen agriculture is everywhere right now and Defra have made it more profitable than ever.  Thus, every other publication is now jumping on the regen bandwagon and the processes and concepts are becoming normalised. 

However never fear – here comes the new normal.  Because, having met our readers, I know they are anything but normal.  They continually push the boundaries of what is possible.  They look for better ways to farm both in terms of the environment and their profits. They were already cutting nitrogen applications before prices skyrocketed.  They have always been looking for ways to change.

I think this ability to change or indeed, a desire to change sets many of the readers of this magazine apart from the wider of the farming community.  Farming is slow to change. It is why the government have so often resorted to the stick approach than a carrot.  Hence the offer from Defra to pay farmers to become more environmentally friendly is interesting.  Will the carrot approach work and drive more farmers to change?  The increased readership of the magazine in the last couple of months suggests it might.  But only time will tell.

Here’s to the next 5 years and covering all the new amazing ways you find to farm your land and to every reader becoming that bit more profitable and sustainable.  Let’s continue to keep the wider farming community on their toes and always lead the way.  Whether this is in the privacy of your own operation or if you choose to speak at events, hold open days or get on YouTube.  We have seen so many of you become our true farming leaders.  Keep up the amazing work and I promise not to ever call you normal again!