Drill Manufacturers In Focus…


Despite the weather, direct drilled crops on the whole look well Certainly next doors conventionally worked and drilled field (inset) doesn’t look any different to Ma/Ag direct drilled the same day with double the horsepower per metre!!!

We just now need a bit of warmth to get things moving

In order to widen the appeal of the Ma/Ag drill and offer a much more price competitive units for smaller farmers and contactors wishing to start down the direct route, we have launched ready for Spring (when it arrives !!!) a 3 metre mounted version of the Ma/ Ag drill. Utilising the same fully floating coulter unit with its twin disc design, including scalloped straight disc and angled plain disc with a rear rubber press wheel.

If you want to carry tools, fuel or perhaps some cover crop seed, maybe you should treat yourselves to a WorkBox ideal for anyone who needs to have a workshop in the field?  

The lid is waterproof and dust proof so every angle is covered, although dust seems a way off at the moment !

More details on drills or Workboxes contact Ryetec on 01944 728186