Are We About To See Fendt Drills In Europe?

In 2017, AGCO Group bought the American company Precision Planting, a company that specialises in the agronomic
aspects of plant growth, in particular the establishment of crops. The product range includes technologies for optimising maize, sunflower, and sugar beet planting. Precision Planting solutions presented their drills for the first time in Europe at the Fendt Field Day in Wadenbrunn in 2018.

With 25 years of production in the US, Precision Planting has been equipping North American farmers with innovative technologies which have a positive impact on the various growth cycles of plants. Now, for the first time, these systems are also being tested in northern and western Europe and more importantly, you will now see these drills in Fendt Colours. The Fendt Momentum was seen in Brazil at the end of April and we are hoping it will be at Agritechnica later this year. The Momentum as seen in Brazil has the vApply Granular system for fertilizer application and the new Fendt Smart Frame that ensures uniformity in the seed placement, as well as having the largest fertilizer capacity on the market and versatility for transport as it can fold and be ready to move in just 75 seconds.

The Fendt MOMENTUM will come in multiple configurations. 40 rows with and without fertilizer distribution, with a spacing of 45 cm. It can also be configured in spacing of 50 cm, with reduction of two rows in its nominal model. In this model of 40 lines, the capacity of fertilizers is 5,300 kg. It is the largest planting machine with distribution of fertilizer in the planting line of history for sale in Brazil.

Despite its size, when folded the planter is only 4.3 meters wide (meaning they will have some work to do to make this available in the UK) without the need to disassemble any component. The planter is easily transported on plank trucks simply by removing the fertilizer hopper and the outer wheels from the center chassis. The dual tires that works together in tandem allows the work together and helps in compacting the soil and in the operations along the transport between one crop and another. The working width is 18m, respectively. The sampling rate (seeds percentage and repeated failures) of the new plant can reach 99.6 per cent in corn, even at higher planting speeds.


The Fendt MOMENTUM features vApply Granular, a Precision Planting® technology that guarantees the most accurate application of fertilizer in every planting row. It is available in all planter versions. Like all other Precision Planting® technologies, vApply is controlled by the 20 | 20 Seedsense Generation 3 Display. In this display, all planter-related information is controlled in real time. And with the use of crop maps generated with software like Climate FieldView®, the display also makes it possible to work with variable seed and fertilizer rates; analyze seed application depth; monitor the soil, the pressure applied to the soil in each one of the rows, the contact of the row with the ground and the work map, among other information by the second.

Linked to the system that comes with vApply Granular, there is another device capable of bringing the traditional agriculture to a new level in the Brazilian market: the Fendt Smart Frame. It ensures that all rows are always in contact with the soil and controls seed depth for even planting. With it, the planting rows are not attached directly to the planter chassis, but to a bracket split into three sessions and driven by two hydraulic cylinders each to keep the rows always touching the ground.

In addition, by replacing the pressure spring of each planting row, there is the DeltaForce, also an exclusive release

from Fendt which, through sensors, guarantees the necessary pressure to cut the straw and apply the seeds at the same depth.